Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas With Cold-Hearted Leads

Korean Dramas are very well-known among the audience for their cold-hearted leads. People love to watch the genre where the protagonist is only soft for their partner, and the cold-hearted person falls in love.

It is no shock that so many Korean Dramas with cold-hearted leads have become some of the most famous dramas to watch. How the cold-hearted person falls in love and to its childhood story people love to watch and enjoy the scenes and relate to them.

1. My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty tells the story of a boy who thinks his mother abandoned him in his childhood and left him with some other man, as told by his father. Because of this, he becomes cold to everyone except the girl, she is related to his mother and him.

2. Crash Landing On You

The girl is a CEO of a fashion company and loves to do paragliding. So, one day she went alone to paraglide, and because of bad weather conditions, she got sucked in by a cyclone and landed in a very wild forest. She meets the captain of the army, and she realizes that the place she landed is North Korea. The male lead was cold to her but helped her return to South Korea.

3. Business Proposal 

The boy is the CEO of a food company, and his grandfather wants him to get married as soon as possible, but he wants otherwise. His grandfather sets his date with a girl from a wealthy family, but the girl doesn’t want to go, so she sends her best friend to her place. The best friend tried to embarrass herself as much as she could so that the boy would not be interested in her, but the boy unknowingly took an interest in the girl and wanted to get married.

4. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers tells the story of four best friends known as F4, who come from a wealthy background and attend a luxurious school. The head of the group is a cold person because of the lack of love from his parents, but after he meets the girl in circumstances, he bullies her a lot, and she always stands up against him. She takes out every feeling of his, and he slowly realizes that he might like the girl, the same girl he hated in the beginning.

5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

This drama tells the story of the boss and his secretary of nine years. The boss is cold and needs everything to be perfect, and his secretary can do that. After nine years of working with him, the girl announces that she wants to resign from the company, which leads the boss in disbelief.

6. Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss tells the story of a handsome yet cold-hearted boy, famous in his school where the girl is opposite to him. The girl is everything the boy hates, but the twist is that the girl has a crush on him while he disperses her. The real story started when the girl and her father had to live in the same house as the boy, and what could go wrong? Everything.

7. True Beauty 

The girl faces a lot of bullying because of her skin problems, which leads to acne all over her face and no confidence in her to attend school peacefully. She meets the boy, who is handsome but also cold-hearted. He helped the girl to be confident and later started dating.

8. My Love From Another Star

It is a fantasy drama about an alien strangled on the earth 400 years earlier and slowly adapting to the world of humans. Since he is an alien and tries not to have any contact with humans he can easily survive. His neighbor is a childish actress, and he gets tangled with her life.

9. King The Land

The boy has a traumatic experience in his childhood, so he cannot stand seeing people's fake smiles. And that is why he has a cold personality while talking to anybody. He is the CEO of a big company, and in the same company, the girl also works whose smile is very captivating, and the boy cannot resist it.

10. Uncontrollably Fond

The girl and the boy broke up and met again after years. The boy is a famous actor, and his film has to be documented, and the girl comes into the picture as a documentary producer. They meet again, and the boy colds nature towards the girl while the girl tries to avoid him.