Article: Top 10 K-Drama Where The Lead Characters Fall In Love With Their Boss

These examples of the “falling in love with the boss” formula are excellent examples of the dynamic stories that K-dramas. Some people may not want to admit it, but they enjoy reading love stories where the lead falls in love with the CEO. Perhaps the CEO is attractive and affluent and notices the humble newbie. Here is a list of the Top 10 K-Dramas where the Lead Characters Fall in Love with their Boss.

1. Radiant Office

Eun Ho-Won attempts suicide because she is having trouble finding work. She learns she is terminally ill at the hospital, yet she can obtain a job. Ho-Won starts her new position with a fresh feeling of purpose. Seo Woo-Jin, her supervisor and senior, frequently quarrels with her and feels she has pain in the neck. Their strange bond could develop into something else.

2. My Secret Romance

Lee Yoo-Mi must attend her mother’s weddings while feeling uncertain about herself. There she meets Cha Jin-Wook. Although they don’t get along, they soon begin to feel attracted to one another and spend the night. Yoo-mi runs away without realizing who he is. She ends up working as his nutritionist years later. After that evening, Jin-Wook changed his habits, took over his father’s business, and never forgot Yoo-mi. To win her over romantically, he pursues her.

3. Rich Man

The television show Rich Man, Poor Woman, was successful. A well-known IT company’s CEO struggles with facial recognition. He is unable to recognize his first love as a result of this. He picks on a particular female with a good recall during a meeting to recruit new employees. She meets the arrogant CEO and confronts him with a speech. She eventually starts working for the company and helping the CEO.

4. Strong Girl Bong-Soon

Strong Girl Bong-Soon, is very famous, where an employee falls in love with the CEO. Do Bong Soon has incredible superhuman strength from birth. After beating some goons, the CEO of a gaming company hires her as his bodyguard. She starts to understand who she has feelings for while still having a crush on her friend.

5. My Shy Boss

My Shy Boss portrays the complicated relationship between a CEO and his new employee. The CEO of a PR agency is the exact opposite of what one might expect. He can come off as cold and is quite shy, sensitive, and introverted. On the other hand, the business brings on a new employee who is bright, noisy, and fearless in expressing her opinions. She shows interest in the CEO and seeks to learn more about his true nature.

6. Level Up

Level Up has a typical boss-employee storyline along with some drama. This CEO specializes in helping in the recovery from business failures. Despite his past gaming childhood trauma, he decides to take on the Joybuster company. There he met the firm’s head designer shortly after being elected CEO. She is a cold and diligent employer and a passionate and very kind young woman.

7. Hotel Del Luna

Among K-dramas, Hotel Del Luna is popular among fans. It incorporates both the paranormal and some dramatic romance. Due to managing Hotel Del Luna for thousands of years, Jang Man-Wol is moody and short-tempered. A contract signed by his father results in Gu Chang Sung becoming the hotel’s new general manager. He needs to face his ghost fear. He soon adopts a more sympathetic attitude, which helps Man-Wol to fall for him and stay protected.

8. She Was Pretty

Anyone who watches She Was Pretty will experience a lot of emotions. Two childhood friends find different sides of the success and beauty range as they grow older. Ji Sung-Joon turns out to be a stunningly handsome man, whereas Kim Hye-jin ends up with her father’s red cheeks and messy hair. When Hye-jin realizes how much has changed, she decides against having a reunion. Sung-Joon was unaware of her real identity and got appointed at her magazine company as her head.

9. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

As his secretary, Kim Mi-so has worked as Lee Young-right-hand Joon’s woman for many years. Then, he starts to see her in a way that goes beyond the professional. Young-Joon will take any method necessary to keep Mi-so in his life.

10. My Private Life

The program is on a well-known Korean webtoon. Deok-Mi is a talented collector of art who is hiding something. Her secret could destroy her reputation at the museum. Ryan Gold, a well-known, now-retired artist, takes over as the museum’s manager. Following certain speculations, Gold and Doek-Mi must put into a relationship to avoid attention from her favorite artist and a new museum customer. Real love begins to develop quickly after a fake relationship.