Article: Ten Thai Celebrities Who Were A Part Of Reality Shows

The Thai entertainment industry may not be as popular as South Korea, Japan, or India, but this industry remains an underdog in making quality dramas and films. Reality Tv shows are gaining much recognition too. Reality shows get people's attention when finding the future celebrity. Here we bring you ten Thai Celebrities who were once a part of Reality Shows.

1. Nat Sakdatorn

Nat Saktadorn, born in 1983, is an American-Thai singer, actor, and writer. He is the winner of the Thai Reality show 'True Visions Academy Fantasia (Season 4- 2017). Saktadorn's first debut album was 'All You Need is Love' in 2018. He also starred in the 2016 movie 'Fathers.'


2. Kiatkamol Lata

Kiatkamol Lata, born in 1983, is a Thai actor and singer. He gained recognition by winning the Season 3 of Thailand's reality show 'True Visions Academy Fantasia.' Due to the show's popularity, he got the name 'Tui AF.' Kiatkamol Lata starred in movies like 'Poo Kong Yod Rak' (2007), Handle Me with Care (2008), 'Jong Kol King Tien' (2010), and Khunsuek (2012).


3. Kanticha Chumma

Kanticha Chumma, or Ticha, is a Thai model and actress. She became well-known in the Thai Entertainment industry after winning 'The Face Thailand' Season 2, a modeling competition. After winning the show, she starred in Tv series like 'Soot Ruk Chun La Moon' (2016), Strange Girl in a Strange Land (2019), and Love Stalker (2020).


4. Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul

Mike Nitipaisankul, well-known as Mike D. Angelo, is a Thai-Chinese actor, singer, and model. Mike first debuted in the Thai-pop duo Golf-Mike, with his brother Golf Pichaya Nitipaisankul in 2005. Due to this, they both gained international fame in Korea, Japan, China, and Malaysia.  Mike has starred in many Chinese Tv shows. He even starred in the Hollywood movie 'The Misfits.'


5. Rujjana Utaiwan

Rujjana Utaiwan, born in 1983, also known as LoongTarn, is a Thai singer and actress. She was a contestant and runner-up in the Thailand Reality Show 'True Visions Academy Fantasia Season 2.


6. Ratha Phongam

Ratha Phongam, or Ying, born in 1983, is a Thai singer, actress, and model. She is well-known for her role in the movie 'Only God Forgives' in 2013. Ying also starred in films like 'Jan Dara the Beginning' (2012), Mechanic: Resurrection (2016), and Fistful of Vengence (2022). She also gave her voice in the Thai Dub of 'Maleficent' (2014).


7. Philip Thinroj

Philip Thinroj is a Thai actor and a winner of the Thai reality show 'The Face Men Thailand' season 1 (2017). Since then, he got famous and starred in movies. Thinroj is well-known for starring in 'Khun Phaen Begins' (2019) and 'Huong Giang: Anh ta bo em Roi' (2019).


8. Phagkamon Punyabhuti

Phagkamon Punyabhuti, or Moona Bunyabhuti, born in 1988, is a Thai actress and singer. She started her career with the fourth season of the Thai Reality show Academy Fantasia. She became the 4th runner-up.  Moona starred in'Prissana the Musical' (2012), The Legend of Rae Khai Fan (2009), and 'Khor Hai Muan Derm' (2015).


9. Virahya Pattarachokchai

Virahya Pattarachokchai, born in 1992, is a Thai model and actress. She was the winner of the Thai reality show 'The Face Thailand' season 4 (2017). She became a mentor in 'The Face Thailand season 5 in 2019.  Virahya also starred in many Tv Dramas like 'PatiHarn Rak Kham Khobfa' (2015), 'RaiRai' (2017), and 'Rang Tearn' (2019).


10. Lydia Sarunrat

Lydia Sarunrat, born in 1987, is a Thai singer. She debuted with her album Lydia in 2005. She became a Champion of The Thai singing competition 'The Mask Singer' Season 2 (2017). She got the stage name 'Sumo.' She also became the face of Reebok. Lydia starred in Tv dramas like 'Rabum Duang Dao.'