Article: Ten Thai Reality TV Shows You Might Enjoy

Thai Reality Tv Shows have been making a wave around Asia. The audience is becoming more interested in Thai celebrities appearing internationally. Before those Thai celebrities landed international roles, they hit big with Thai Tv shows.  Talent shines through progress and allows the audiences to divulge into the lives of their characters. They made these Tv Shows known. So here we bring you Ten Thai Reality Tv Shows.

1. Academy Fantasia

Academy Fantasia is a Thai reality show.  It is a singing contest judged through voting. It has broadcasted 12 seasons.  In Academic Fantasia, the contestants are selected nationwide through audition clips. The live auditions take place in major cities of Thailand for searching for Talented individuals. Four judges will eliminate thousands of people. The final selected contestants live in the same house of hidden cameras, and the audiences can watch them for twenty-four hours live. Each week the contestants are assigned tasks to perform.  The scores and votes would judge the performances. After the end of each season, there is a countrywide concert tour for the top twelve finalists.


2. The Face Thailand

The Face is a Thai reality Tv show that is a modeling competition on Channel 3. Aspiring contestants are required to be between 12 and 27 years old. The series began in Thailand in 2014. There have been around five seasons till now. This show gives them a chance to young men and women to be famous and show their talent.


3. The Face Men Thailand

The Face Men Thailand is a Thai reality Tv modeling competition for men. The series started in 2017 in Thailand. The producer announced the opening of the casting for this show internationally, and many aspiring contestants from different countries participated in it. By now, it has three successful seasons.


4. Master Chef Thailand

Master Chef Thailand is a competitive cooking reality show in Thailand, based on the British Tv show MasterChef, open to amateur and home chefs. It debuted in Thailand in 2017 on Channel 7.  The competition begins following a 4-event cycle, with one chef eliminated after the second and fourth events. The four events are Mystery Box, Invention Test, Team Challenge, Pressure Test, Reinstation Challenge, and Tag-team Challenge.


5. MasterChef Junior Thailand

MasterChef Junior Thailand, or Junior MasterChef Thailand, is a Thai cooking competition game show. It got adapted from the British show MasterChef. MasterChef Junior Thailand premiered in 2013 and then came back in 2018.


6. The Voice Thailand

The first season of The Voice Thailand premiered in 2012. The show got hosted by Kob Songsit. The winner of the first season was Tanont Chamroen.


7. The Star

The Star is a Thai reality Tv singing competition produced by Exact company.  The show got first broadcast in 2003. It has a total of 14 seasons. The Star is one of the well-known Television Reality Shows with many seasons. Several winners and runner-ups have become mainstream singers or actors, one of them being Sukrit Wisetkaew.


8. The Comedian Thailand

The Comedian Thailand is a Reality show testing the contestants on the art of comedy. This show brings together- a combination of Thai culture and modern comedy that makes it undeniably unique. One of the most difficult challenges is creating laughter, and this show proves that not all comedians are born to be.


9. Drag Race Thailand

Drag Race Thailand is a Thai reality Tv competition show based on the American version of 'RuPaul.' The show premiered in 2018. Pagina Heals, a drag performer, and Art Arya, a fashion stylist, host the show. In 2022, 04 Media acquired the show and expanded it to other parts of Asia.


10. Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a Thai dance competition on BBTV Channel 7. The show is the Thai version of the British Tv show 'Strictly Come Dancing.' Thai actor and pop singer Sornram Teppitak and Miss Thailand Universe 2004, Morakot Kittisara, host the show.