Article: Top 10 Unforgettable K-Dramas When A Badass Guy Falls Hard For A Shy Girl 

The best thing about watching Korean dramas is that the guys in the drama are very badass when it comes to their shy girls. Who won’t like watching how the guy protects his girl from the world? Below are some of the unforgettable K-dramas you should watch.

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers is one of the best historical K-dramas. Ha-jin is a girl who travels back 1000 years in a dynasty in the body of a girl called Hae Soo. Now, from a modern to a historical world, she has to face everything that she is not familiar with, especially the cold Prince.

2. The Master’s Sun

The Master’s Sun is one of the best Korean dramas of 2013. Joo Jong Won is a greedy CEO of a Kingdom. He meets with a gloomy girl, Tae Gong Shil, who can see ghosts. They both partner up to eliminate terror and sadness brought by the spirits that took a turn in their life as both start to fall in love.

3. My Holo Love

My Holo Love is the story of Han So Yeon, a manager at an IT company. She is a very hardworking girl in her work life, but in her personal life, she is very close because of the disorder of not recognizing people’s faces she is suffering from. Until she starts using an AI program and meets a Holo of Go Nan Do, the owner of the IT company.

4. True Beauty 

True Beauty describes the story of a schoolgirl, Lim Joo-Kyung, who has a skin problem and gets acne all over her face. She uses makeup to conceal her acnes. She meets a handsome boy, Lee Su-ho, who helps her with the same. He is the only one who knows her true face, and later, they start dating.

5. The K2

The K2 is the love story between a woman and his bodyguard. Kim Je-ah is a former soldier who returned to Korea. He was framed for the murder of his lover in Iraq and came back for revenge on the people who were responsible for the same. He gets the job as a bodyguard for the politician's daughter, Go An-na, whose life is under threat always.

6. Uncontrollably Fond 

Uncontrollably Fond K-drama is a fate love story of two childhood lovers as after being separated, fate brings them together. Shin Joon-young is a top actor-singer whose life will be documented. Noh Eul is a documentary reporter and was assigned to the job. Even though they met years later, the wound of a painful break is still fresh for both.

7. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty 

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty describes the story of Kang Mi-rae, who gets plastic surgery after being bullied since childhood. She meets her former good-looking classmate, Do Kyung-seok, who can read people perfectly. He believes that good looks take you nowhere and it is not necessary that having good looks means you are perfect.

8. Do You Like Brahms?

Do You Like Brahms describes the story of Chae Song Ah, who wants to pursue her passion for music and gives up her business. She got accepted into one of Korea's prestigious universities of music. But with music, she will learn the tune of love when she meets another music student, Park Joon Young. They might not know how their life changed after meeting each other.

9. Tempted

Tempted describes the story of three best friends, Kwon Si-hyeon, Choi Soo-ji, and Lee See-joo, who are from wealthy families but are brats. Kwon Si-Hyeon is bored and bets his two friends that he will seduce a young girl who does not believe in love. Eun Tae-hee does not believe in love because of her parent's failed marriage, but what happens when Kwon Si-hyeon truly starts to fall in love is exciting.

10. Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Next Door describes the story of a girl, Go Dok Mi, who lives in her house 24/7 and spies on the neighbor, Oh Jin Rok, in the next building. She gets caught by another neighbor living next to her apartment, Enrique Geum. But Oh Jin Rok knows she has been spying on him for a long time.