Article: Top 10 Thai Actors Who Were Born In August

We crave for cognizance about the actors and actresses working on the drama we binge-watch, including the stories about the actors' personal lives, their career history, when they first started acting, etc. Now let us talk about the rise in popularity of Thai Dramas, which led to the popularity of Thai actors as well. And every time we watch a Thai drama, it makes us curious about the characters, and the first thing we want to know is their birth dates and more about them in-depth.

So, here are the top 10 Thai actors who were born in August. Would you be interested in knowing with whom you share a birthday? Have you ever wondered with whom your birthday is shared?

1. ‘Boy’ Pakorn Chatborirak

On 20th August 1984, Pakorn Chatborirak was born in Bangkok. He is also known as ‘Boy’. Pakron is a model, Thai actor, and pharmacist and is a  Chinese -Thai descent. His acting career in Thailand has been prominent, as indicated by his numerous appearances in television shows. The first drama he starred in was Fai Ruk Arsoon (2009) in Kaew. Pakorn’s best roles were in the Wayupak Montra (2010) and Roy-Marn (2011) dramas as Wayupak and Mark, respectively. There is no question that an actor with such a manly appearance will catch the attention of women.


2. Gawin Caskey

On 8th August 1997, Gawin Caskey, commonly known as ‘Fluke’, was born. He is an actor and singer who is half-Thai and half-American. GMMTV gave him his start in the entertainment industry as an actor. He has appeared in many dramas, including Dark Blue Kiss (2019) as Mork, Girl Next Room: Motorbike Baby (2020) as Mile, etc.


3. Kem Hussawee

Hussawee Pakrapongpisan, also known as Kem Hussawee, is a Thai actor born on 21st August 1997 in Bueng Kan, Thailand. Before becoming an actor, Kem Hussawee worked as a model. He has been given various dramas at a very young age and has become one of the most well-known actors. He has starred in many dramas such as Hi-So-Sa-Orn (2018) as Aidin, Hua Jai Look Poochai (2019) as Nop, So Wayree (2020) as Prinoot/ Parin, and Lay Down and Fire (2021) as Amphon.


4. Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong

Thai actor, singer, and model Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong, also known as August, was born on 31st August 1965 in Bangkok, Thailand. His most notable drama series and movies include Love Sick (2014), Thai boys' love (BL) with his role Pete, U-Prince: The Single Lawyer (2017) as Firstclass, Krong Karm (2019) as Mongkol / Asee, Pee Nak (2019) as Nong and Pee Nak 2 (2020) as Nong.

5. Itthipat Thanit

Thai actor and model Itthipat Thanit, known as God, was born on 4th August 1995 in Samut Prakan, Thailand. In 2017, Thanit made his debut in the popular BL 2 Moons: The Series as Phana. Various kinds of different dramas starring him have followed since then, including a few LGBTQ-themed dramas, multiple Thai and Chinese dramas.


6. Phakin Khamwilaisak

Tono Phakin Khamwilaisak was born on 29th August 1986 in Khon Kaen, Thailand. He is an actor, singer, footballer, dancer, and entertainer.  He is known as  ‘The Star 6’ based on an alias his father used as a boxer but he is best known to the public as ‘Tono’. The Star, season 6 is a singing contest broadcast on Thai television that featured eight finalists. He has called such because he was among those eight. And also, he has appeared in several dramas, including Look Phi Look Nong (2012) as Thanwa, Buang Wan Wan (2013) as Chud/ Yot, The Cupids Series: Kammathep Sorn Kol (2017) as Saran and Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021) as Pachara.


7. Sornram Theappitak

Sornram Theappitak or Num was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on 22nd August 1973. As well as being an actor, model, film director, writer, pop singer, and screenwriter, he is also a footballer. In 1992, Num began his career. There have been several noteworthy dramas featuring him, including Dao Pra Sook (1994) as Pak, Khun Por Rub Jang (2004) as Wongrapee, Kwan Jai Thailand (2017) as Kong Kampon Bangkert Klao (2020) as 2020 Chatcharin, etc. Num has appeared in many films also. At his peak, he ranked first in terms of earnings for drama actors. Throughout his long career, he has won or been nominated for several awards. In 2018, he married Kanitrin Patcharaphakdichoti, and they have a daughter.


8. Jirakit Thawornwong

Jirakit Thawornwong, also known as Mek, was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on 28th August 1994. The 27 years old Thai actor is also a model, singer, and host. In 2011, as a host for Bang Music Buffet, he began his entertainment industry, and then he was chosen to play in the film Part-Time Lover (2014) with his role Pete. Jirakit Thawornwong is widely known for Ugly Duckling Series: Don't (2015), U-Prince: The Foxy Pilot (2016), Koo Sah Kadeepuan (2019), The Gifted (2018), and An Eye for an Eye (2021).


9. Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram

Thai actor, singer, and model Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram, better known as ‘Jayler’ or ‘JJ’ was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on 15th August 1996. As the main character, he made his acting debut in Green Fictions (2013). In 2015, he signed with Nadao Bangkok after working with Chookiat's Studio Commuan on different roles for television and music videos. Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram is known for Diary of Tootsies (2016), Suddenly Twenty (2016), Dang Ni Dap (2016), In Family We Trust (2018), and Angel Beside Me (2020).


10. Thanakrit Panichwid

Thanakrit Wan Panichwid is a Thai singer and actor born in Nonthaburi, Thailand, on 12th August 1985. Among his many achievements, he has appeared in Academy Fantasia Season 2 as one of the twelve contestants and recorded the official soundtrack of the Asian sleeper hit film First Love (A Little Thing Called Love). He is not only an actor, singer, and DJ but a songwriter as well. Wan has appeared in many dramas, movies, and television shows, including Bangkok Sweety (2014), Ruk Tong Oom (2014), Under Her Nose (2017), The Driver (2018), and GoyNattyDream- Would You Love Us If We Love You (2020).