Article: Top 10 Rich Families In K-Dramas

Korean Dramas show the culture, trends, society, education, and art of Korean Dramas. They give us a proper insight into the world of Korean people. Korean Dramas based on themes like Corruption, crime, mystery, love, betrayal, etc. There are many Korean Dramas about families. Some families are affluent chaebol families, while some are low income families who can do anything for their children. Here are the Top 10 Rich Families in Korean Dramas.

1. Sky Castle

Sky Castle is about Rich families who live in a posh neighborhood called Sky Castle. They are prominent businessmen, a bunch of professors, and doctors. They own houses with massive chandeliers, drive multiple cars, and wear the latest designer clothes. They even have exclusive credit cards that only the wealthiest and most potent in Korea can have. These parents want their children to pursue the same field as them. These parents are willing to risk everything to get their children admitted to top universities in Korea.

2. Shopping King Louis

Shopping King Louis is about Louis, a well-known shopaholic. He is the remaining heir the of Chaebol family. He was raised by her grandmother. He lives as Louis in France, but his real name is Kang Ji Sung. He loves spending money on limited editions. He loves shopping for himself. He becomes homeless after suffering from amnesia. He meets Go Bok Sil, who takes Louis in and helps him return to his rightful place. He teaches him various things about spending habits.

3. The Heirs

The Heirs revolves around the privileged students of elite Jaeguk High School. The children of wealthy families study in this school. They are preparing to become the next generation leaders of their families. All the students in the school come from different high-class families. The students were divided into classes on the basis of the type of family they come from. Heirs is a high school romance. In this drama, successor sons of two chaebol families fall in love with a low income family girl.

4. Mine

Mine is a story of Chaebol family. The story revolves around women who try to find their true selves, freeing themselves from prejudice in the world. Seo Hi Soo was a star actress, but she gave up her career to marry the second son of the Chaebol family. The Chaebol family runs the Hyowon Group. She does her best to fit in as the daughter-in-law of Chaebol family. Jung Seo Hyun is married to the first son of the same family; she is also the daughter of Chaebol family. She is rational. Mine aired in 2021.

5. Remarriage & Desires

Remarriages and Desires is one the best luxury Korean Dramas of 2022. The Drama revolves around wealthy men who are divorced, single, or desire to be married again. The exclusive match-making company matches rich men with competent partners. The Drama shows various wealthy families. Remarriages and Desires show marriage is just a way to move higher in society. The drama involves many powerful female leads.

6. I Am Not A Robot

I Am Not A Robot is about Kim Min Kyu, who lives a luxurious but isolated life. He has a severe allergy to physical contact with human beings. He develops life-threatening rashes that rapidly spread over his body whenever he makes skin contact with humans. Kim Min is the chairman and largest shareholder of KM Financial. He acquired shares from his parents, who died in a car accident 15 years earlier. Kim Min Kyu is shown as a very wealthy man who loves robots. I Am Not A Robot aired in 2018. K-drama fans gave a lot of love and support to the show.

7. Graceful Family

Graceful Family is a story about Mo Seok Hee, who is an only child, and her father runs a large company. Mo Seok Hee is beautiful, rich, and intelligent. Mo Seok Hee’s mother is murdered 15 years ago. Mo Seok Hee and Heo Yoon Do work together to reveal the truth of what happened when Mo Seok’s mother was killed. Mo Seok Hee and Heo Yoon Do discover they have a connection. Graceful is a masterpiece about a chaebol family. Graceful Family released in 2019.

8. The Penthouse

The Penthouse is a crime mystery drama. The Penthouse shows crazy rich families from Korea living in the penthouses. This Drama is about the world of wealthy people who are not just powerful but also filled with darkness. The Drama shows not only the greed of rich people but also the strength of mothers who can shake the entire society for their children. The penthouse has three seasons. Each season ends at a cliffhanger which makes the audience want to watch the next season.

9. It's Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not to Be Okay shows the incredible wealth of Go Moon Young. She earned the wealth on her own. She is a very famous author of children’s fairytales. Go Moon Young falls in love with Moon Kang Tae and is determined to win his heart. It’s Okay to Not to Be Okay is one the best shows of 2021, which deal with mental health.

10. Reborn Rich

Reborn Rich is Korea’s most-watched K-drama of 2022. This Drama is about a loyal employee of a chaebol family who is falsely accused of embezzlement by the conglomerate family. He gets shot on a business trip overseas. Next moment he finds himself in the body of a young boy. He is reborn as the youngest son of the conglomerate family. He seeks revenge on the conglomerate family and take over the Soonyang Company. Reborn Rich gained too much popularity worldwide also.