Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Yeo Jin Goo

Yeo Jin Goo is a skill and variety lighthouse in Korean entertainment. Jin Goo's career has been amazing, from his early ventures into performing as a young actor to his rise as a leading man. Come along on a fascinating journey as we examine the top 10 moments that shaped the career of this outstanding performer.

1. The Royal Gambler 

King Yeong Jo and Baek Dae Gil start a match. King Yeong Jo stakes the entire Joseon Kingdom and Baek Dae Gil wagers his life on the result. The greatest gambler during the Joseon Dynasty was Baek Dae Gil. He appears cool on the outside but harbors a great deal of resentment underneath. King Yeong Jo is a man who will never budge without a compelling argument. Dam Seo, meantime, is only here to exact revenge on the king.

2. Orange Marmalade

The story takes place in a world where vampires and humans cohabit, however the latter have advanced and are no longer dependent on human blood for food. The fact that they are still shunned and subject to prejudice in society forces many of them to conceal who they are and lead "normal" lives, or else they end up as outcasts. Teenage girl Baek Ma Ri is socially awkward and conceals being a vampire. She has been forced out of various areas and is ready to make a home and lead a tranquil life in her new location. But when she falls in love with Jung Jae Min, the popular kid at her high school, everything changes.

3. Circle 

Kim Woo-jin and Kim Bum-gun, twins who are 11 years old, see an alien girl land on Earth, and they quickly decide to call her Byul. Their father, who is fascinated by the supernatural figure, takes Byul with him to a hidden area to study her, never to return. Ten years later, Woo-jin runs into a girl who resembles Byul perfectly, and the two work together to delve into a string of suicides at their institution.

4. My Absolute Boyfriend 

A-class actor Ma Wang Joon and special effects makeup artist Eom Da Da have been dating covertly for seven years. Da Da decides to split up with Wang Joon following a string of situations that undermined her faith in her relationship. After the split, her heart has hardly fully recovered when she meets Young Goo, a humanoid robot designed to be the ideal boyfriend. Young Goo engages in a love triangle with Wang Joon, Da Da, and other human feelings as they start to emerge.

5. Hotel Del Luna 

Jang Man Wol, the hotel's CEO for the last thousand years, is a greedy, suspicious man who runs this establishment. Bound to the hotel by a deity who does so to prevent her from going insane and causing herself harm out of fury, hatred, and a desire for vengeance. If she can let go of her anger and hatred and find love, it is her only chance for freedom. When Goo Chan Sung appears, the situation takes an intriguing turn. Chan Sung was formerly the youngest assistant manager to ever work for an international hotel organization, but due to a deal his father made with Man Wol years ago, Chan Sung is now compelled to run the Hotel del Luna.

6. Beyond Evil

When a serial killer kills numerous women in the sleepy hamlet of Manyang, the horrific crime notably damages the life of Lee Dong-sik, a skilled investigator who is falsely charged with the awful crimes after his well-liked twin sister vanishes. Even though Dong-sik was ultimately found to be innocent, 20 years later, Manyang residents still have suspicions about him. When a fresh wave of killings begins, he teams up with Han Joo-won (Jin Goo), a younger elite investigator, who has been reduced to carrying out menial chores.

7. Link: Eat, Kill, Love

A fantasy mystery drama centered on a guy and a woman who are experiencing the same emotions. In the television show, Jin Goo portrays Eun Gye-hoon, a chef who is connected to his twin sister. No matter how far apart they are, they can still feel each other's feelings, but this was true before his sister vanished almost 20 years ago. Gye-hoon begins to feel the same emotions as Noh Da-hyun, a new job seeker in town, as he opens a café in the same location where his twin vanished.

8. Ditto

Yong enrolled in a university in 1999 to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. He enrolled at the college in 1995 but left early to finish his mandatory military service. He served his country in the military and then went back to school. His first love is Han Sol. Then, Yong succeeds in reaching Mu Nee. Mu Nee is currently a resident. She enrolled at her school in 2021, declaring sociology as her major. Yong and Mu Nee communicate and their story progresses even though they are from different times.

9. The Long Way Home 

It tells the tale of Nam Bok, a South Korean soldier, and an ordinary farmer who was drafted into the military three days before the Korean War. He is given instructions to deliver a top-secret paper at a specific location and time, but a North Korean army onslaught prompts him to misplace the document. Young Gwang, a soldier from North Korea, is a member of a tank crew. His crew is bombed as they travel to the South, leaving him as the solitary survivor. He finds a top-secret paper just as he is ready to head back home. On the isolated western front, the two men square off.

10. Hwayi: A Monster Boy 

A five-person gang led by Seok Tae kidnaps Hwa Yi as a baby and raises him as their son. The infant boy has grown into a vicious killer at 17. Hwa Yi discovers his history while participating in his father's gang. To figure out who he is, Hwa Yi pulls out his revolver.