Article: Top 10 Korean BL Dramas

The Korean entertainment industry is known worldwide for making fantasy and romance dramas. In recent times, they have stepped up their game by producing Korean BL dramas that are very popular among today’s audience. Korean BL dramas have the charm of grabbing the audience's attention with their incredible acting and top-notch story plots. The only thing about Korean BL dramas is that they are short, about eight episodes and less than half an hour per episode. The intimate scenes between the leads are simple but very intense, which is one of the reasons why people love watching Korean BL dramas.

1. Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim tells the story of Shin Ki-tae and Lee Wan, who are inseparable from childhood. At the high school graduation, Lee Wan confesses his feelings for Shin Ki-tae and leaves without hearing the answer. They meet again after seven years and work in a gaming company designing characters. Their love story is just beautiful.

2. Blueming 

Blueming is that Korean BL drama that grabbed the attention of the BL world. Cha Si Won has the attitude that only people with good looks will be able to fit everywhere, so he tries to maintain a good image of himself. The plan doesn’t go well when he encounters Hyeong Da Un, who has everything in the college.

3. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter describes the story of a boy, Seo Hae Bom, who moves into the house of his adoptive parents. The parents already have a child, Jo Tae Seong, of the same age as him. At first, they didn’t go together, but afterward, they shared the same class in high school. Many new revelations about Jo Tae Seong start to unfold making the story more worth watching.

4. Light On Me

Light On Me tells the story of Woo Tae-Kyung, a big introvert who talks to no one in the school. His teacher tells him to join the school's student council to make new friends. In the student council, he met three students, but two students caught his eye. The president is warm-hearted, Da On, and the vice president, the cold-hearted Shin Woo.

5. When Your Eyes Linger

When Your Eyes Linger describes the relationship between a student and his bodyguard. Han Tae Joo is a student and the sole heir of a wealthy businessman. Kang Gook, his closest friend and bodyguard, is hired to protect him. They are together 24/7, and when Han Tae Joo insists Kang Gook to date as he is a tough guy and doesn’t know how to enjoy life. Things start to change, and a new dimension of their friendship changes.

6. A Shoulder To Cry On

A Shoulder To Cry On tells the story of Jo Tae-hyun, a mischievous student who always smiles no matter what. But nobody knows why he keeps smiling, as his past is a different story. He meets Lee Da-yeol, an archery athlete. Their first meeting starts with a misunderstanding, but slowly, they open up to each other. It’s a beautiful and heartwarming story about them.

7. Semantic Error

In this drama, Cho Sang Woo is a big introvert and likes to keep to himself. He meets Jang Jae Young, an artist with the exact opposite personality from him. They have to work together, but Cho Sang Woo refuses. Jang Jae Young annoys him by doing things Cho Sang Woo hates.

8. To My Star

To My Star describes the story of Kang Seo Joon, an actor whose career is not doing well. One day, he went to a restaurant and met the chef, Han Ji Woo, there. Han Ji Woo is a quiet person who doesn't want any distractions, but the entrance of Kang Seo Joon tells him otherwise.

9. Roommates Of Poongduck 304

Roommates Of Poongduck 304 describes the story of Ji Ho Joon, who is an irresponsible heir of a wealthy group. His father gives him two options: leave the house penniless or work in one of his companies as a team leader and be responsible. He chooses the second option, and he has to live on his own as he gets kicked out of the house. He becomes the roommate of Seo Jae Yoon, and their first meeting is a disaster. Seo Jae Yoon finds out that his roommate is also the group leader of him.

10. Mr. Heart

Mr. Heart tells the story of Go Sang Ha, who loves to run. He doesn't care about winning, but sprinting is what makes him happy. But for Jin Won, who just wants to win races so that he can live up to the expectations of others. He is not breaking records. His coach hires Go Sang-Ha as Jin Won’s peacemaker. Jin Won doesn't like him at all, but the positive attitude of Go Sang-Ha surely helps him.