Article: Top 10 Korean Actresses Who Came Back To Acting After Long

Good comeback tales are beloved by everybody. Our favorite Korean actress performed an unforeseen miraculous performance in addition to portraying a role that was the most demanding one ever. They returned to the small screen and had flourishing drama comebacks after more than three years, demonstrating their enduring quality. They took on roles that displayed their unshakable talent as actors. These are only a handful of many. An exciting time to be a K-drama fan is when one of their favorite actors makes a comeback. When they got back, they didn't let us down. And these Korean celebrities made their enthralling comeback.

Below are the top 10 Korean actresses who came back to acting after a long time.

1. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee took a five-year break from acting. Her last drama role was in Yong Pal (2015), after which she married Rain and temporarily took care of her kids. In the touching drama Hi, Bye Mama (2020), where she played the lead character Yu Ri, she made a triumphant comeback. The program was among the year's top dramas. There are no adequate words to express her fame, and she continues to perform with skill throughout time.


2. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye-jin, one of the most adored actors in the industry, must be included in any list of the greatest K-drama actors of all time. The 2019 star-crossed lovers drama Crash Landing on You, in which she co-stars with her now husband Hyun Bin, is where she made her name. A filmography spanning decades by Son Ye-jin is fantastic. The most anticipated comeback by far was her most recent program, Thirty-Nine, which debuted in 2022. Without exaggeration, the play is an emotional rollercoaster. Cha Mi-jo, a director of a dermatological infirmary, is portrayed by Son Ye-jin.


3. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri has been in fewer movies and television programs than some other celebrities, yet she is nonetheless outstanding. She received praise for her breakthrough performance in 2016 highly praised movie The Handmaiden, which earned her the coveted Blue Dragon Film Award. Following the success of her 2018 drama Mr. Sunshine, she returned in 2022. While the psychological thriller made her famous, her drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a straight-up romantic drama. Kim Tae Ri portrays Na Hee-do, a student-athlete on the school's fencing squad.


4. Jun Ji Hyun

To appear in the 2021 drama Mount Jiri, Jun Ji Hyun returned after a four-year absence. Her mermaid role in the 2016 television series Legend of the Blue Sea, starring actor Lee Min Ho, was the Hallyu icon's last significant television performance. Additionally, the actress had a guest role in Season 2 of the Netflix series Kingdom.

In exchange for Mount Jiri, Jun Ji Hyun had given her blood, sweat, and tears.


5. Song Hye Kyo

The name Song Hye-Kyo is well-known to viewers of Korean dramas. It is also somewhat obvious why Song's favorably awaited drama, Now We're Breaking Up, sparked such excitement among Korean drama lovers worldwide. Ha Young-Eun, the head of a design team of a fashion firm, is portrayed by Song Hye in the drama. After completing her love melodrama, Encounter, in 2018, Song took a break before joining the drama.


6. Lee Young Ae

Veteran actress Lee Young Ae, who had been away from the screen for four years, made a spectacular return in the Asian Killing Eve-inspired Netflix thriller Inspector Koo in 2021. She portrayed Koo Kyun Yi, a bright former insurance investigator who pursues an enigmatic serial murderer.

Lee Young Ae wanted to star in this drama deliberately so that she could make her first drama appearance in four years, which attracted a lot of attention to the series. After Saimdang, Light's Diary in 2017, Lee Young Ae's involvement in this drama was her first. In 2019's thriller Bring Me Home, she makes her big-screen comeback.


7. Han Hyo Joo

In the 2021 series Happiness, Han Hyo Joo, whose last television project was the smash blockbuster drama W, portrayed police officer Yoon Sae Bom. Han discussed her return project and said that for her job as a police officer, she had conducted an extensive study, trained in fighting techniques, and rehearsed her shooting. However, she appeared in films such as Golden Slumber and Illang: The Wolf Brigade, both in 2018.


8. Lee Na Young

Before eventually making a comeback in the 2019 series Romance Is A Bonus Book, Lee Na Young, who wed renowned actor Won Bin, had a nine-year sabbatical in 2010. Kang Dan Yi, a part performed by Lee Na Young, is a jobless lady who works as a temporary employee at a publishing business.

But Lee Na Young appears to have vanished once more, and as of 2022, she still hasn't stated that she'll be appearing in any new projects.


9. Kim Yoo Jin

South Korean vocalist and actress Kim Yoo-jin is better known for her stage moniker Eugene. She is known for being a former member of the girl group S.E.S. After making her acting debut, this young mother's reputation got risen. She chose to take a break from acting and singing nevertheless, since 2015. Before her hiatus, Superman Return and all about my mom were the last appearances she made.

After taking a long respite from the public, she emerged in the celebrity ranks in 2020. A family drama named Penthouse starred her. The drama centered around her portrayal of a mother who strives for success.


10. Ko So Young

From her 1990 acting debut until 2007, Ko So Young was a very active actress. Due to several of her acting endeavors, such as the K-Drama Blue Fish, not being very successful, the actress took a break in 2007.

Before returning to acting in the K-Drama Ms. Perfect in 2017, Ko So Young had a break from performing for around ten years.

After Ms. Perfect ended, Ko So Young took another break from acting; she hasn't appeared in anything since 2017.