Article: Top 10 Kdrama With The CEO Love Story

Korean Dramas are very famous for getting the audience hooked on the story. Many stories depict the love story where the hot, introverted, and super-rich CEO falls for their shy yet bold employee. Their love story is very cute-mushy, and yet there is drama usually due to the differences in the family,

These stories have been loved by fans all over the world. The story usually revolves around drama, passion, little heartbreaks which are adored by fans. This article talks about the Top 10 Dramas that involve the CEO, Love Story.

1. Her Private Life

The show was adapted through a famous Korean toon, released in 2019. The female lead is shown to be an obsessed fan girl who has a fan page on social media as well. When Ryan, the male lead, comes to the museum where she works as her boss, due to circumstances, they end up fake dating, which soon turns into them falling in love. The story then progresses on how she tries to end up her obsession and even lets the fan page go.

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

This is one of the most romantic and loved shows in the Korean Drama industry, released in2018. Kim worked as Lee Young's secretary for a very long time. He was always a cold person who never saw Kim in any different light, but things changed when she declared that she would resign. The story is full of jealousy, drama, and romance, and the chemistry of the lead is appreciable.

3. She Was Pretty

The show, released in 2015, won fans hearts instantly. The story is about two friends who fell in love at a young age but then were separated .Kim's family went bankrupt while Sung-Joon became the CEO of the magazine company. Kim friend pretends to be her to woo Sung Joon ,but he falls for Kim even though he never knew she was his Kim. The storyline gives the audience many aww moments.

4. Kill Me Heal Me

The show was released in 2015, and the show’s protagonist suffers from multiple personality disorders. Once, he meets a psychiatrist at the airport who eventually becomes his doctor and falls in love with all his personality. His family was embarrassed by him, so he was sent away from the country, but she made him feel secure and content. The drama is not just romantic but teaches a lot along the same line.

5. Hotel Del Luna

The show was released in 2015 and came with a unique storyline. The female lead has been running the hotel, which is for spirits and ghosts, for years, making her very short-tempered and cold. The male lead joins the hotel as a manager due to a contract that his father signed long back. He is scared of ghosts, but that does not stop him from falling for her, and he also keeps her safe and changes her heart.

6. Level Up

The show was released in 2019 and is about a love story of two completely different people. The male lead takes the failing companies and rebuilds them, and he soon takes a gaming company. Here is a little thing you need to know about his trauma with gaming. Keeping his issues aside, he tries his best in the middle of which he meets the head designer, and she is sweet yet very strong-headed. The two of them work together to finish the assignment and fall for each other head over heels.

7. Lucky Romance

The show has been winning everyone's hearts since 2016. It is a romantic comedy-drama. The female lead does weird stuff believing that she is unlucky for herself and everyone around. Someone told her that she could only save her sister if she slept with a guy born in the same year as a tiger. Then comes the male lead, who fits the weird criteria and is a CEO of a gaming company. He and she are poles apart, but as it is said, opposites attract.

8. Introverted Boss

The story is about two people who are opposite each other. While the male lead is very introverted and sensitive, which makes people think he is a rude person, the female lead is an extrovert and jolly person. She wanted to know him more, so the two got close. They fell in love and expressed their passion in the most romantic ways. The show was released in 2017 but is still one of the most viewed.

9. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The show was released in 2017 and came with a twisted plotline. The female lead has unexplainable strength, and the CEO hired her to protect him as he was being threatened. The girl always believed she had a crush on her friend, but soon after she realized she was ready to give up on anything to protect the CEO. Therefore, he is the love of her life. The story has jealousy drama and grand romantic gestures.

10. Rich Man

The show was released in 2018 and was a remake of a Japanese drama. The male lead had facial recognition disability, so he could not recognize his first love. He once hired a girl with a photogenic memory to help him out of these situations and fell in love with her.