Article: Top 10 Introvert Korean Idols

12nd January is World Introvert Day for people worldwide to understand introverts. Being a Korean idol needs confidence. However, there are idols well-known for being an introvert in the industry too. So, here we have ten K-pop celebrities who identified themselves as an introvert:

10. Stray Kids' Hyunjin

Hyunjin and Han are the only two members of Stray Kids recognized as introverts. Fans know that Hyunjin loves to value inner peace and harmony, despite being loud and expressive as a singer on stage.

9. SHINee's Taemin

Despite being the bold and confident performer on-stage, Taemin is quiet, shy, and introverted off-stage. But once she gets comfortable with people around him, he gets very caring. She is known for showing her goofy side to her members and friends and being unable to speak when with unfamiliar people.

8. GOT7 Mark

Mark is known as being prudent, quiet, and introverted. His personality type is ISTJ which he revealed during an episode of "Daebak Show." He places a heavy emphasis on tradition and loves to plan things. Like Leo, Mark cannot go Aegyo without turning into a cute fluffball.

7. TWICE Mina

The girl group TWICE has all extroverted members except Mina, which helps her be more open and outgoing because the members accept her for who she is. Her fans all agree that she is an introvert based on how reserved and shy she is on camera.

6. VIXX Leo

Leo's personality type is ISFP. These types of people are "The Artist" who needs personal space. He dislikes arguments and conflicts. Leo is said to be very shy and aloof, but he is very warm-hearted. His shyness is shown at fan meetings whenever he goes to aegyo.

5. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Despite being famous in the industry for her beautiful voice, Taeyeon is a well-known homebody and introvert. During her trainee days, Taeyeon was so quiet that Yuri, a member of Girl's Generation, wondered if she was even in the same room. But she makes her presence known when she opens her mouth to sing. When Taeyeon gave flowers to YoonA, you could see her adorable shyness.

4. EXID's Hani

Hani, who is often energetic and bright on-screen, forces herself not to look awkward around people, which the fans can see when she hosted MBC's "Weekly Idol." She revealed due to her being introverted, Hani didn't have many idol friends. However, she does take care of people around her and is still good friends with my schoolmates.

3. EXO's D.O

Doh Kyung-Soo, also known as D.O, describes himself as a quiet and shy person. He said he is shy amongst strangers but gets quite comfortable among people he knows better. People have even said that his voice changes when he is around strangers. While shooting for a K-Drama "Pure Love," he revealed that it took a long time for him to get comfortable with his co-star Kim So Hyun.

2. Red Velvet Irene

Irene is known for her beauty and is pretty funny. But the idol has some difficulty opening up since being an introvert. Irene is a homebody at heart, but her on-stage charisma makes her seem outgoing. Her co-members Joy and Seulgi revealed her personality type as ISFJ- who enjoys structure and strives to maintain order. She dislikes changes and avoids confrontation.

1. BTS Jungkook

Jungkook's personality type is INTP (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perception). He opened up that since childhood, he was very introverted and shy during his training days. He was so that he would wait for other members to fall asleep before taking a shower so he wouldn't get in the way.