Article: Top 10 Intense Police-Based K-Dramas Will Keep You Hooked To Your Place

We'll show you some humorous police dramas to help you unwind after viewing the serious police Korean dramas. While most Korean dramas promise to awaken your love cells with a romantic moment, other Kdramas deliver action and a gripping plot that will leave you uneasy and prompt you to question humanity's morality. Here is a list of the Top 10 Intense Police-Based K-Dramas Will Keep you hooked to your Place.

1. Signal

Haeyoung, a police officer and criminal profiler, gets mistrust of the government after witnessing a crime 15 years ago that has never gets investigated. The main character eventually finds a mysterious walkie-talkie that enables him to speak with detective Jae-Han, who is in charge of looking into the sad events that Haeyoung had witnessed years before and lives in the year 2000. To solve more heinous crimes, the two travel across time.

2. Tunnel

The drama centers on detective Park Gwang ho, who unintentionally walks into a tunnel in the middle of the night while searching for a serial killer. To catch the murderer, he finds himself teleported into the future and teams up with detective Kim Sun Jae and criminal psychologist Shin Jae Yi.

3. Come And Hug Me

Come and hug me centers on the lives of two people: a famous actress and a detective who both experienced trauma because of murder during their high school years. Do Jin and Jae Yi were each other's first loves. However, as soon as Jin's father, Hee Jae, assassinated Jae Yi's parents, the lovely moment got abruptly altered. Do Jin makes an effort to make up for his father's awful life by working as a detective and showing love and care to the victim's family.

4. Two Cops

A simple romantic comedy about police work, Two Cops centers on the relationship between Jo Jung Suk and Kim Seon Ho. The protagonists of this drama are Cha Dong Taek, an emotional detective passionate about his work, and Soo Chang, a crook who recently got out of prison. One day, Jo Jung Suk discovers that the soul of Kim Seon Ho, who subsequently fell in love with a new reporter, is living in his body with his own.

5. The Good Detectives

The characters in this Korean police drama get divided into two groups: those who attempt to conceal the truth and those who make an effort to come clean. It revolves around the lives of three detectives: newspaper reporter Jin Seo-Kyung, experienced detective Kang Do-Chang, and top detective Oh Ji-Hyeok.

6. Less Than Evil

Woo Tae Seok, a lone senior detective who is enthusiastic and focused on solving cases, is the subject of this K-Drama. Lee Seol is a female psychopath Woo Tae Seok met one day and ultimately assisted Woo Tae Seok in solving the case.

7. Life On Mars

Han Tae Joo, a detective, finds himself traveling across time and wakes up in a completely different time zone in 1988, according to the Life on Mars Police dramas. His present job as a detective has him working at a local police station. By cracking the case of the serial killers, he attempts to return and goes back in time to the present.

8. Police University

This Korean drama is set on the campus of the National Police University and centers on two freshmen, hacker Kang Seon-ho and intellectual and upright Oh Kang-hee, Yoo Dong-man, a professor there. The drama will show how students and teachers worked together to identify the individual responsible for the big online gambling operation on the police campus.

9. Tell Me What You Saw

There is a thriller and suspense series called Tell Me What You Saw. Oh Hyun-Jae was formerly well-known as a criminal profiler adept at cracking tough cold cases. His fiancee's death in an explosion caused by a serial killer rocked his world. He meets Cha Soo-young, a detective with a photographic memory. She joins forces with Hyun-Jae to seek vengeance for his fiancee and put an end to the murderer.

10. Mouse

A sincere policeman's response to crimes is the subject of the Korean drama Mouse. It revolves around Jung Ba-Reum police officer tasked with apprehending a notoriously elusive serial killer. They track down this serial killer with the help of a determined detective Go Moo-chi.