Article: Ten K-Dramas About The Rich

1. SKY Castle

‘SKY Castle’ is about the rich class of Korea including famous doctors and lawyers. The Mothers staying here want their kids to join one of the top three universities of Korea. The lives of the people here changes when a new family enters the community and when a suspicious instructor is hired by one of the mothers.


2. Remarriage And Desires

‘Rex’ is a company that specialises in matchmaking. But its facilities are provided only to the wealthy. These people don’t want to give up on their rich life and are ready to get married for it. ‘Rex’ has fulfilled the desires of many of its clients but things change when a woman comes there for revenge.


3. Graceful Family

‘Graceful Family’ is about the lives of the people of the ‘MC Group.’ The daughter of the family is made to stay away from home after her mother is murdered. Fifteen years later she returns as a smart woman who wants her position in the group. She also wants to find the secrets of her family members.


4. Mine

‘Mine’ tells the story of the women involved with ‘Hyowon’ group. The first daughter-in-law is a director of a gallery but she has a secret and the second daughter-in-law was once a star actress but has now given up her career. The entry of a tutor causes trouble in the family.


5. The Penthouse: War In Life

‘Penthouse’ gained massive popularity and the show had three seasons. It is the story of the people in Hera Palace. The families including the kids are having a great life until a young girl is found dead at a party. While searching for the killer, the residents find out unacceptable things about their partners and their parents.


6. High Society

The drama is about the young daughter of a rich family who wants to lead a peaceful life. She has been told to marry a wealthy young man, but he too isn’t interested in the marriage. Both of them end up meeting partners who have always wanted to marry someone rich. Will they find love?


7. The Lady In Dignity

The life of the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family changes when her husband cheats on her and her father-in-law’s money is lost. With the help of a lawyer, she tries to retain her rich life but a mysterious woman enters her life and brings in more trouble.


8. High Class

‘High Class’ is about a group of wealthy women who pretend to have a perfect life despite having secrets. It focuses on a former lawyer accused to be a murderer, a former actress, a single mother and a CEO. Their lives depend on their popularity in the rich circle and the performance of their kids in school.


9. Graceful Friends

The world of a group of friends and their families is shattered when they get to know about a murder. They have all known each other for 20 years but there are things they don’t know. Amidst all this, a former friend who had dropped out of college, enters their lives again.


10. Hotel King

‘Hotel Ciel’ is a seven-star hotel that is losing its profits. The heiress of the hotel wants to save it but she has no idea about running a business. But the general manager of the hotel decides to help her and they fall in love. Their motives change when a family secret is revealed.