Article: 10 K-Pop Groups Who Received Black Ocean

The phenomenon of the "Black Ocean" is a dark cloud that has loomed over the K-Pop industry, leaving a lasting impact on several prominent groups. In this section, we will explore the stories of ten K-Pop groups who have unfortunately experienced this disheartening and unforgettable event. The term "Black Ocean" refers to a situation where fans intentionally withhold their support during a live performance, resulting in an eerie silence and lack of enthusiasm from the audience. This act can have devastating effects on an artist's morale. Join us as we delve into the experiences of these ten K-Pop groups who faced the daunting Black Ocean and how they persevered through adversity.

1. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, is a South Korean girl group under SM Entertainment. They are one of the most popular girl groups. Even though they are famous now, they have had their fair share of controversy. When the group performed at the 2008 Dream Concert, they had to face 10 minutes of complete darkness called black ocean by other artists’ fans as well as their fans. Some audience did not like the girl’s friendship with, other male artist.

2. Seventeen

Seventeen is a South Korean boy band with thirteen members formed in 2015. They work under Pledis Entertainment. The members had written and composed many of their songs. Various domestic media outlets have given them the titles such as "Performance Kings," "Theater Kids of K-Pop," and "K-Pop Performance Powerhouse." Even with so much success, they, too, were victims of the notorious black ocean. During their MAMA performance, the band performed for 10 minutes and had to face a 10 minutes black ocean.

3. BTS

BTS, or Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band with international success and fans. The group has seven members and was formed in 2010 by BigHit Entertainment. The group debuted in 2013 with their album “2 Cool 4 Skool.” The group had to face only one or two of these black oceans, once during the 2016 Melon Music Awards and other at the 2016 Golden Disk. It happened because back then, boy band EXO had more fans present at the event, and during the BTS performance, they had switched off their light sticks in response to Army doing the same at the time of EXOs performance.


TWICE is a South Korean girl group with nine members under JYP Entertainment. They debuted on 20th October, 2015 with their extended play (EP) The Story Begins. The group in 2016 faced one of the dark movements as they were still quite new. During the Melon Music Awards, they had to go through the black ocean. Some believed it was done by other fandoms as the group was reached the top rapidly.


BigBang is a South Korean boy band with three members currently. The group originally had five members and was formed by YG Entertainment. While for other groups, the black ocean was a dark movement, for EXO, it was a funny movement. The VIPs at the BigBangs concerts closed their light sticks giving the group VIP black ocean. VIPs defended themselves by saying that they were saving the battery of the lightstick and that they spent all their money on tickets; they, had nothing left for the lightstick.

6. T-ara

T-ara is a South Korean girl group formed by MBK Entertainment in 2009 with four members. On September 8, T-ara performed at the 2012 World Conservation Congress K-Pop Nature+ Concert, where the members faced the infamous black ocean. The audience also chanted the name of Ryu Hwa Young, the former member of the group who accused the other members of bullying her.

7. EXO

EXO is a South Korean Chinese-Korean boy band formed in 2011 and debuted in 2012. They are managed by SM Entertainment and have nine members. At the 2016 Dream Concert, fans of other fandoms decided to turn off their lightsticks when EXO was performing. When questioned why they did it, the fans said their lightstick batteries had run out.

8. Lovelyz

Lovelyz is a South Korean girl group. They were formed in 2014 by Woollim Entertainment. They were the company’s first girl group. The group has eight members and debuted with the album “Girls’ Invasion.” On December 6th, the group was performing at the Pepsi Concert when they faced the black ocean by the audience. Many social media posts informed the public that the audience had switched off their lightstick.

9. BLACKPINKs Jennie

Jennie Kim, knowns as Jennie, is a South Korean singer and rapper. She is a member of Blackpink, formed in 2016 by YG Entertainment. While performing solo in a concert in Indonesia, the fans had turned off their lightsticks which resulted in a black ocean.

10. EXOs Chen

Kim Jong-Dae, professionally known as Chen, is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He is a member of the boy band EXO. He recorded a song for the television drama “Descendants of the Sun” called “Everytime” in 2016. He debuted as a solo artist in 2019 with the extended play (EP) April, and a Flower. In 2022 Chen was performing at the Suwon World Cup Stadium he received a black ocean. This black ocean was the result of the opinion of the fans about his marriage and embracing fatherhood was reckless.