Article: Must Watch Chinese Age-Gap Romance Drama You Can’t-Miss

Chinese dramas are those on which you can always count on them as they celebrate love in all forms. These Chinese dramas show strong chemistry between the couple despite the age gap, making the audience emotional. Chinese dramas about age differences have their attraction, with the cast being apart in age, but also their roles in the drama highlighting similar stories. These dramas prove that age is just a number when it comes to love.

1. Find Yourself

Find Yourself is a romantic drama released in 2020, directed by Ding Xinguang, starring  Wang Yaoqing, Victoria Song, and Song Weilong. It is a love story between a young man and an accomplished career woman. He Fan Xing’s company is currently at risk of being acquired and her relationship with Yuan Song is facing societal pressures due to age differences. During this time, Ye Lu Ming enters her life; as he is older, he is more stable and mature. He becomes her life coach and a source of conflict between them.

2. The Rational Life

The Rational Life is a business romance drama released in 2021, directed by Hsu Fu Chun, starring Qin Lna and Dylan Wang. At the age of 30 Shen Ruo Xin is a professional career woman, who has to navigate through many things in life. Be it from office politics filled with nepotism, company problems, and sabotage to withstanding family pressure regarding settling down. She is a busy lady, but she handles this all with great aplomb while also managing to find love in the most unexpected place.

3. Why Women Love

Why Women Love is a drama released in 2022, starring Gina Jin and Wang Zi Yi. It highlights the romance between an older woman and a younger man. Gu Jia Xin is filled with talents but has no interest in inheriting the family business. Zhao Jiang Yue, the head of a tech firm, is known for her no-nonsense approach. His mother makes him join her as his temporary assistant. They get on the wrong foot at first.

4. My Fated Boy

Growing up in the countryside Li Yang forms a tight friendship with her neighbor Lu Zheng An. Even though she is seven years older, their bond is close. Life pulled them apart, and they lost touch. Lin Yang is a 31-year-old working an office job and living in a rented accommodation. Lu Zheng is now 24, studying abroad, and has just graduated. She sees him as the cute kid who is her neighbor. He tries to convince her about his feelings and will do everything to win her heart.

5. Dating In The Kitchen

It is a food romance drama released in 2020, starring Zhao Lu Si and Lin Yu Shen. Gu Sheng Nan is working at Zijing Hotel, as a commis, who expresses herself through her food. Soon, a misunderstanding lands her on the wrong side of Lu Jin, her soon-to-be boss. He isn't afraid to make decisions. He was ready to condemn the Hotel; however, he changed his mind after an accident brought one of her dishes her way. Lu Jin is a hardcore foodie who is impressed by her skills. This pair form an unexpected bond.

6. Rattan

Rattan is a fantasy drama released in 2021, starring Zhang Binbin and Jing Tan. Years ago, Si Teng, a plant-alien hybrid, was being hunted down by a hunter, Xuanmen. She fled for her life, but escaping him was impossible, and he killed and buried her at the base of a great cliff. She gets resurrected by Qin Fang, a young architect. She insists on him to help her regain her memories while understanding modern life. She learned how to love and live, but these memories from the past kept haunting her.

7. Couples Of Mirrors

You Yi is a young, kind-hearted, and innocent socialite. She is a successful author, but her life turns upside-down when she discovers betrayal by two of her most trusted people. With no one left to turn to, she finds refuge in the support of Yan Wei, a photographer with a cold personality. What she doesn't know is that he has a secret identity.

8. Please Be Married 

Ye Xiang Ge is a trainee at Linshan Entertainment, and before making her official debut, she is caught in a scandal planned by her friend, so her company terminates the contract. Being jobless, she meets Su Mu Chen, the CEO of Su Group, to intern at his company. Something incredible happens when Su Zhan, a five-year-old boy, comes to her and says he is her son from the future. He also said his father is Su Mu Chen. After knowing this, they have no choice but to live with them. During this time they both fall in love with each other.

9. Falling Into You

Duan Yu Cheng all his life only had one dream, being a world-class high jumper. Due to his height, his dream is impossible. Still being high-spirited, he refuses this to get in his way. He hopes to enlist the help of Luo Na, an athletics assistant. He plans on enrolling at the place he coaches, hoping to land a spot on her team. He refuses to give up despite facing several setbacks and challenges.

10. Sweet Games

An Ran was a senior at university nine years ago. She was famous and beautiful, and Yan Yue, her junior, was among many men interested in her. A decade later, she is a career-driven entrepreneur, dreaming of rising to the top. She tries to pull a stunt to woo her potential investor, but her bluff gets exposed, and she loses the chance. She gets drunk that night and stumbles into her landlord- unaware that he is her college junior. Yan is a successful voice actor. He is a partner in a new project she will work on.