Article: Top 10 Chinese Medical Dramas

Chinese dramas are known for their realistic portrayal of social issues and the lives of working professionals. Chinese medical dramas also revolve around a similar spectrum of realism, cute love stories, and some gripping storylines. Let’s look at some of the Top 10 Chinese Medical dramas:

1. You Are My Hero

This medical drama revolved around a freshly graduated medical resident, Mi Ka, who had been trapped in a bank robbery with a bomb in her hand and had been saved by a SWAT police captain, Xing Ke Lei. A few years later, in a SWAT training camp for doctors, Xing Ke Lei and Mi Ka reunited, which later bloomed into a beautiful love story. The story revealed different layers of struggles that a doctor generally goes through, the time and commitment that their profession demands, and the support that the doctors tend to require from their partners. It was a beautifully written story that showcased the realistic work-life balance of both, the doctors and the SWAT members.

2. The Centimeter of Love

This medical drama was another cross-profession romance that revolved around a doctor, Xu Qing Feng, who returned after studying abroad, and a senior pilot, Guan Yu Qing. They met each other on the same flight, where they helped a patient onboard. This incident eventually sowed seeds for their blooming romance. However, both, Xu Qing and Guan Yu were having problems with their respective families which became a hindrance in their relationship.

3. My Little Happiness

This 2021 drama revolved around childhood sweethearts Dr. Shao Qin and an aspiring lawyer, Cong Rong, who reunited as adults. For her first case, Cong Rong was assigned the responsibility of solving disputes in a hospital where Dr. Shao Qin was the leading surgeon. Eventually, they rediscovered their feelings toward each other and journeyed through the difficulties of their professional lives. The story also revealed the immediacy of their professions, the long hours and sleepless nights of the doctors, and the patience required for maintaining a relationship.

4. Sweet Teeth

This medical drama focused on the relationship between a dentist, Ai Jing Chu, who also taught at a university, and his patient, Zheng Li, a librarian at the same institution. Their relationship bloomed when Zheng Li was compelled by her mother to get braces and had been forced to visit Ai Jing’s clinic. It was an adorable medical and rom-com drama that portrayed the perspectives of a doctor and a patient.

5. Hi, Venus

This medical drama revolved around a pediatrician, Ye Shi Lan, who helped people in remote villages as a part of her social welfare program, and Lu Zhao Xi, the newly appointed CEO of her hospital. Unable to recognize him, Ye Shi Lan mistook Lu Zhao Xi to be someone else which led to a rocky yet humorous start to their relationship. Eventually, they learned about each other, while working in the same hospital and developed a beautiful relationship of mutual respect and understanding.

6. Thank you, Doctor

This drama was based on the novel ‘ICU 48 Hours’ and revolved around doctors of a newly established emergency ward at Tongshen Hospital, who put their best into saving the lives of every patient. The drama also portrayed a relationship between two doctors, Xiao Yan, an overseas graduate with a tough exterior, and Bai Zhu, a mighty and overconfident doctor. Both with contradictory perspectives, come to a middle ground of learning and understanding each other’s interests and aspirations. This medical drama spanned 40 episodes and showcased the struggles and immediacy in the doctors’ lives, especially of those who work in the emergency ward.

7. The Neuron Doctors

This drama revolved around three generations of exceptional doctors who not only saved their patients’ lives but also competed with each other while showcasing their specialties. The plot also had a touch of thrill to the medical scenario, when the director of the neurological department, Ding Xuekun, passed away in an accident and the case was investigated by his son, an elite Western doctor, and his Chinese medical student. This drama showed the reality of the medical workers and the difficulties that doctors go through while running a hospital.

8. The Ebola Fighters

This medical drama revolved around the true story of a virologist, Zheng Shu Peng, and a team of medical professionals who dealt with the 2014 pandemic of the Ebola virus in Africa and how they reduced the spread of the virus and saved many lives. This drama showcased a realistic perception of the way doctors deal with the epidemic and pandemic situations and the struggles and chaos that they face while doing so. The portrayal of Africa was also executed well and the actors did a fantastic job of depicting the characters.

9. Healer of Children

This 2020 medical drama revolved around a pediatrician, Jiao Jia Ren, inspired by another pediatrician, Gu Li Feng, who had once saved her life. The story eventually revolved around Jiao Jia joining Gu Li Feng’s top children’s hospital and unfolding the amount of hard work that is required to furnish one’s skills. This drama portrays the difficulties of facing front-line diseases and how everyone develops and matures while becoming exceptional specialists in their respective areas.

10. Medical Examiner Dr.Qin

This medical/investigative drama revolved around one of the best medical examiners of public security, Dr.Qin Ming along with his assistant and a police officer. Together as a team, they would solve criminal cases together. A typical Western theme-inspired storyline, this medical drama not only gave an insight into the forensic teams but also kept the audience hooked through its gripping storyline. The drama spanned 3 seasons and gained worldwide popularity.