Article: Top 10 Weird Film In The Japanese Movie Industry

There are bizarre films and then there are bizarre films. There are some films that simply cannot be explained in words. There are movies that you see and movies that you experience. This list includes ten of the most bizarre Japanese films that must be seen to be believed. Have you seen Japan's top 10 oddest films? I'm guessing you haven't and are missing out.

1. House (1977)

House is a cult favourite for good reason. It begins as a beautiful fairy tale journey about seven friends travelling on a lovely summer vacation to the countryside. The movie appears to be normal up to this point, but things start to go wrong quickly after they arrive at the property in question. Things simply become weirder and weirder from there.


2. Marebito (2004)

The protagonist is a fear-obsessed freelance cameraman. In the film, he undertakes an investigation into an urban legend about enigmatic spirits haunting Tokyo subways, but what he discovers goes much beyond anything he could have anticipated. Marebito stands out from the crowd of Japanese horror flicks. The plot is fascinating, and you are invested in the outcome.


3. Versus (2000)

Versus is nearly entirely set in the forest of resurrection, where everybody who is killed is repeatedly resurrected. The protagonist strives to safeguard a girl he just met, and his fate slowly unravels.


4. Survive Style 5+ (2004)

The major characters begin in separate plot lines and gradually blend their experiences into one absurd escapade. A deadly commercial director who comes up with the most bizarre ad concepts, a British hitman who is solely concerned in learning your function in life, and an unhappy salaryman who believes he is a bird are among the characters in this film.


5. Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

Tokyo Gore Police has been privatised in order to battle murderous mutants known as "engineers." These engineers are capable of grafting a weapon onto any type of bodily harm. Many of these are encountered by the main character on her quest to revenge her father's death.


6. Paprika (2006)

In the film, there is a contraption that allows people to enter other people's dreams. When this item is stolen, however, everything goes wrong for almost everyone. The craziness ensues, and it's up to Paprika to restore order.


7. Dead Leaves (2004)

The two protagonists wake up naked and have no memory of their previous lives. They are quickly imprisoned, where they learn more about themselves and the environment in which they live, and formulate a plot to get free.


8. Robo Geisha (2009)

Girls are recruited into an elite fighting army in Robo Geisha, where women alter various body parts to become perfect killing machines. The plot twists and turns, and Japan is eventually wiped off the face of the world.


9. Rampo Noir 2005

Rampo Noir is a Japanese anthology film from 2005 that consists of four pieces based on Edogawa Ranpo's works. Rampo Noir is a film that combines four short stories into one . This film is so bizarre that totally at a loss for words.


10. Tetsuo The Iron Man (1989)

A "metal fetishist" (Shin'ya Tsukamoto) is accidently ran down by a Japanese businessman (Tomorowo Taguchi) and his fiancée after being driven insane by the maggots writhing in the wound he's caused to implant metal into his body (Kei Fujiwara).