Article: Top 10 Japanese Controversial Movies

Making a movie is not about filming locations, actors, and songs. It's about how sensible they are. Available for every age criterion, breaking conventional norms and taboos are something to be taken care of. The viewers are generally simple-minded people, so if they feel offended or are sensitive to the topic, it's likely to arise controversy. Other spectators may or may not feel the same. But the cinema world respects their viewers and generally follow the norms to make it an outstanding art. So here are the top 10 controversial Japanese movies.

1. Taboo Gohatto 

This movie is a Palme d’Or nominated movie but came into controversies because of the homosexual sex scenes of the 16- year-old actor.

To protect the members of the Shogunate, the last samurais; A special police force was organized, called Shinsengumi by, the military government. Written and directed by Nagisa Ōshima, the film gained financial success in Japan, was awarded a number of local awards. A young and skilled samurai Kano had a girly appearance which made his rank members feel attracted towards him. The movie was driven by the fight for Kano's affection, jealousy, and hatred.


2. Audition (1999)

A movie that seemed ordinary, follows a disgusting thriller genre that stuns the viewers. The film was successfully controversial because of the mentally disturbing horror scenes. The context is related to hallucinations created by the evil thoughts of a man named Aoyama, a widower; who started dating again.

His film producer friend helps him find his ideal girl through a fake audition. He falls for Asami, who meets all the requirements of his perfect girl, and later develops a relationship. His thoughts about the girl change after a few meetings and knowing about her past. He starts to hallucinate, and this is the time when all the horrific incidents of the movie take place.


3. Battle Royale (2000)

It revolves around the time when unemployment and school violence in Japan peaked. Though the movie was partially disturbing and highly violent, this action-thriller drama was the highest-grossing Japanese movie, that was released in 22 countries worldwide.

A class from any school sent to a deserted island with a map, food, and few weapons. An explosive collar was fitted over their neck. Their mission was to kill each other, and only one had to survive till the last. However, this time there was more than one survivor and so they fled to live a better life.


4. Suicide Club (2001)

It gained considerable slander from around the world. The movie revolved around the story of mass suicide attempts from different parts of Japan. This film created disgust amongst its viewers for the transgressive subject. The reason was unreasonable brainwashing. In 2003 the film was awarded Jury Prize for "Most Ground-Breaking Film.”


5. Love exposure (2008)

Love Exposure is a comedy-drama written and directed by Sion Sono. This four-hour runtime movie gained plenty of notoriety in film festivals around the world. Specifically, the theme of love, lust, and the religious cult was portrayed. It had three different characters who had something in common with each other. It was a controversial movie because of the crime of outskirt photography and all the themes used. But after its release, it won many awards like Best Asian Film, Most Innovative Film, Special Jury Prize, and many more.


6. Himizu (2011)

Based on the manga Himizu by Minoru Furuya. It's one of the best works of the director Sion Sono, which portrays the life of a depressed young boy with troublesome family background and his will to live an ordinary life.

Another same-aged girl, with a similar household, the background became friends. The dark, traumatizing, and harsh reality of society made the movie controversial.


7. Guilty Of Romance (2011)

The movie included many stories that intervened with each other. At first, a psychotic mass murder case occurs in a love hotel district. Izumi, wife of a famous novelist who lives a dull life and there seems to be no love or intimacy between them. She started a part-time job one day and met a lady who asked her to become a nude model. To change her loveless monotonous life, she follows her fascination and got the job. Soon she accepted to be a pimp in secret, but she lives the life of the ordinary housewife that she is supposed to be. This movie was in controversy because of the violation of relational boundaries due to desires and brutal murder scenes.


8. Ichi The Killer (2001)

The Movie infamous for its controversial brutality has been banned in several countries like Malaysia and Norway. abridged due to its bloody violence and sadomasochism. Based on a manga, with the same name, it has two main characters, Ichi and Kakihara. Ichi was originally a coward character who was manipulated to become a killer. Kakihara a sadomasochist, was a Yakuza enforcer. Though the murders in the whole film were disturbing, they were all smartly done and could make a significant impact on the viewers.


9. Imprint (2006)

Directed by Takashi Miike, it was adopted from the horror novel, Masters of Horror. Due to its extremely disturbing graphic, it was prohibited to be displayed in TVs but later got released in DVDs. The story revolves around the era of 1800s. Christopher, an American journalist, returns to Japan to find and rescue Komomo, a prostitute he fell in love with. But she experienced the physical and existential horror that she had to grapple with after his departure.


10. Guinea Pig (1985)

A series of bloodshed films mainly composed of assaults, massacres and torments that led to massive controversy. The stories being probably natural, were about psychotic experiments done on humans. Random girls were abducted and were tortured to see their pain enduring capacity.