Article: Ten Of The Best Action Movies In China

Home to many different types of martial arts, one could say that it is a given that there would be many exceptionally brilliant action movies released in China. Follow up on this list to find out a little about some of these blockbuster action movies.

1. The Battle At Lake Changjin

Around 71 years ago, the People’s Volunteer Army (PVA) ventured into North Korea for a battle. The troops on the Eastern Front courageously fought against the enemy at Changjin Lake despite the extreme cold. Their fearless spirit and iron will not be frozen even by the bitter cold. The battle at Lake Changjin was a significant turning point in the Korean War and helped in making the courage and resolve of the PVA widely known.


2. The Bravest

After a mishap that led to the death of a rookie firefighter under the guidance of Jiang Liwei, Jiang gets demoted. Jiang’s family suffered along with him from the fact that Jiang was blamed for the death of his colleague. But Jiang Liwei was the hardest on himself, eagerly seeking redemption and forgiveness in his own eyes. He earns the opportunity to do so when he gets called regarding an emergency at an oil pipeline at the harbour where one disaster had struck, and another was just around the corner. It becomes Jiang Liwei’s goal to help evacuate the site before another pipeline explosion happens.


3. Project Gutenberg

The Hong Kong police are on the lookout for a gang that specialized in counterfeiting money, led by the mastermind ‘Painter’. The gang is so skilful in its job that it becomes almost impossible to tell apart the fake from the real Currency notes. In an effort to crack the true identity of Painter, the Hong Kong police recruit Lee Man, a gang member.


4. Operation Mekong

Operation Mekong is inspired by the actual events collectively known as the Mekong Massacre, where two Chinese commercial vessels were ambushed in the waters of the Golden Triangle, one of the world’s largest drug manufacturing regions. 13 sailors were executed at gunpoint by an unknown person or gang, and 900,000 methamphetamine pills were recovered from the scene. When news about this reached China, the officials immediately dispatched a band of elite narcotics officers led by Caption Gao Gang and a Golden Triangle-based intelligence officer Fang Xinwu, to uncover the mysteries surrounding the murders. After it was proven that the drugs found on the Chinese ships were planted by the henchman of Naw Khar, a notorious drug cartel leader, the governments of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and China, launched a joint task force to apprehend the criminal.


5. Time Raiders

Wu Xie is a young man who manages the House of Wu antique store. One day Wu Xie is approached by a mysterious man who wants to narrate his story. As Wu Xie recalls, he grew up among the famous Nine Families, who were all dedicated tomb raiders. Growing up, he had the same goals and was successful in discovering a box that contained an ancient mechanical key. Wu Xie and his uncle San Xing ventured out on a quest to find a great treasure buried in a lost city by following the clues from the mysterious box.


6. Wu Kong

Many years ago, Sun Wu Kong’s home, Mount Huaguo was destroyed by the Heavenly Kingdom. This made Sun Wu Kong furious and ignited his determination to go against Heaven’s Destiny Astrolabe. After enrolling into a school for immortals in Heaven, Sun Wu Kong met Zi, the daughter of the Ringmaster of Gods, Hua Ji; Tian Peng, Hua Ji’s servant; Yang Jian, a demigod who aims for greater power; a Juan Lian, an expert in making weapons. But in a twist of fate, the students plummet down into the mortal realm and find themselves working together to save an innocent village.


7. Shadow

Shadow tells the story of a brilliant general and his aim to achieve victory over a rival kingdom. He devises a plan which involves his wife, a look-alike, and two kings. But will all go according to plan? Will there be no backstabbing and crossing each other?


8. Ip Man (2008)

Set in Foshan in the 1930s, Ip Man lives a simple life with his wife and child, devoted to honing his skills in the art of Wing Chung. But his world was turned upside down during the second Sino-Japanese War and the invasion of China by the Japanese Imperial Army. During this time, Ip Man works peacefully and humbly at a coal mining factory to support his family. Things turn for the worse when Lin, Ip Man’s long-time friend, is killed by the Japanese army. This act of aggression is rooted as a reason why Ip Man lost his calm and stood up against the Japanese.


9. Mojin: The Lost Legend

Three tomb explorers Hu Bayi, his fiancee Shirley Yang, and Wang Kaixuan, decided to retire to Manhattan. Just after their retirement was finalized, Wang Kaixuan was handed a deal to locate the ancient tomb of a Mongolian Princess. The team is lured back together by a mysterious businesswoman Ying Caihong. Ying had gathered the three explorers to get them to help her locate the tomb of a Mongolian Princess. The team eventually figures out that Ying Caihong actually wants to possess a famed artefact known as the Equinox Flower. The artefact is said to have the power to raise the dead.


10. The Taking Of The Tiger Mountain

Based on a true event during the 1946 Chinese Civil War, The Taking of the Tiger Mountain tells the story of a communist reconnaissance team soldier Yang Zi Rong. Yang had created a fake alias in order to infiltrate a local gang. His scheme eventually led to the end of the bandits by the communist forces.