Article: Top Ten Thai Celebrities Who Disappeared From The Silver Screen

Many people are interested in this job. Many individuals prepare for it. There aren't many people who need you to do it. The ones who do require you to be, don't have much money to compensate and most likely have temporary positions. There are extremely few permanent positions in the entertainment industry. So, here are a few Thai actors who left the big screen for reasons, including personal preference, retirement, and so on.

1. Paul Pattarapon

Paul Pattarapon stepped away from performing for approximately ten years. His most recent TV drama was "Koom Pah Kham," co-starred with Yui Chiranan and Joy Sirilak. He is currently turning into a business.


2. Ning Kullasatree

In the 1990s, Ning Kulasatree was a famous actress. She appeared in several massively successful TV programs alongside stars. She quits performing and becomes a flight attendant.


3. Win Yavapolkul

Win Tawin made her acting debut in the 2006 TV drama "Plik Din Su Dao," co-starring Weir Sukollawat. His most recent TV drama, "Ruen Phayom," was broadcast in 2017. He is currently a businessman.


4. Mod Napapat

Mod Napapat was a former member of the duet 'Four Mod.' She is also a fantastic actor on Thai channel 8.


5. Stephan Santi

During the 2000s, Stephen Santi was the top actor on Thai Channel 7. He appeared in several TV dramas alongside prominent actresses such as Pancake Khemanit, Kob Suvanant, and others.  


6. Ek Egkarat

In the 1990s, Ek Egkarat was a famous actor on Thai television. He has appeared in almost 20 TV dramas with famous actresses Kob Suvanant, Nune Woranuch, and others.  


7. Kanatip Soonthornrak

Kanatip "Loukgolf" Soonthornrak, a famous thought leader and talk-show presenter, has announced his departure from the Thai entertainment sector, blaming the industry's reluctance to create intelligent political dialogues, particularly amid the coronavirus crisis.


8. Yui Chiranan 

Yui Chiranan Manochaem and Aimee Morakot star in CHANGE2561's new drama Tawan Tok Din, following their appearances in Ayaruk in 2013 alongside Ohm Atshar and Namtan Chalita Suansane.  


9. Perth Saga

Tanapon Sukumpantanasan, known professionally as Perth, is a Thai singer and actorHe made his acting debut in Soul Call and rose to fame as Ae in Love by Chance. He left the BL world.


10. May Feungarom

May Feungarom was born in Thailand on May 21, 1976. May Feungarom has been in several films and television series.