Article: Top 10 Thai Actresses Who Have Been In The Industry For More Than 25 Years

As we all know age doesn't limit talent and no age can be considered too old or young when it comes to talent and skills. These Thai actresses are a living example that age doesn't limit your talent, in fact, the more aged you become the wiser you become, as we experience a lot of stuff over our lifetime. We have compiled about ten graceful Thai actresses who continue to work in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, some might be still acting while some have turned producers, etc. But either way, these Thai actresses have found a way to be still working in the entertainment industry.

1. Ann Thongprasom

Ann Thongprasom is a Thai actress who has been in the entertainment industry for long time, she has been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years now. Ann Thongprasom was only 13 when she debuted in the entertainment industry with a music video, where she was featured. She was a leading lady in the 2000s, her most notable work remains the melodrama, The Letter: Jod Mai Rak where she played the lead role.


2. Laila Boonyasak

Laila Boonyasak is a Thai actress who has been active in the Thai entertainment industry since 1995. Laila Boonyasak might be in your memory if you watched the Thai film, The Love of Siam. The actress has done multiple films and television series over her career. The actress has worked for more than 25 years in the entertainment industry yet she remains like a breath of fresh air every time she appears on the screen.


3. Cindy Bishop

Cindy Bishop whose full name is Cynthia Carmen Burbridge-Bishop is also known as Sirinya Winsiri. This Thai talent is not only an actress but also a model and activist. Cindy Bishop has her ethnic roots in India, America, Thai, and English. She won the title of Miss Thailand World in 1996, thus her journey in the entertainment industry started in 1996. The actress-model has starred in various films and series, she is best known by the current generation for being the host and judge of the reality show, Asia's Next Top Model.


3. Intira Charoenpura

Intira Charoenpura is popularly known by her nicknames, Sine and Sai. The Thai actress-singer started her journey in the entertainment industry at a very young age, at the age of 13 she starred in her first television drama. The talented Thai artist has been active in the Thai entertainment industry since 1993. She released her first music album in 1995, the genre was teenage pop.


4. Jintara Poonlarp

Jintara Poonlarp is active in the Thai entertainment industry since 1987. She predominately is a singer, while she did try her hands in acting. Only in 2001, did she try her hands in acting, while she might not have found luck in acting, that is not the case in singing. She is one of the most popular and sought-after singers of Thailand, and has released a total of 50 original albums!


5. Tata Young

Tata Young whose birth name is Amita Marie Young is a Thai actress, singer, and model born in 1980. She has been active in this field of work since 1991. She is a popular singer across the globe especially in Asia, often referred to like Britney Spears of Asia. As a singer, she debuted internationally in 2004 through the Bollywood song "Dhoom Dhoom" for the Bollywood movie, Dhoom. The singer tried her luck in acting in 1997 and did a total of 3 films over her career.


6. Apasiri Nitibhon

Apasiri Nitibhon who is also shortly known as Um was born in 1971. She has had her first work in the entertainment industry in 1996, Sunset at Chaopraya which became quite popular with the masses and ApasiriNitibhon became a household name in Thailand. ApasiriNitibhon is a supermodel and trained as a likay dancer in her youth.


7. Aranya Namwong

Anchali Choppradit who is popularly known by her stage name Aranya Namwong is a veteran Thai actress, born in 1947. She has been active in the Thai entertainment industry since 1964. Aranya Namwong first rose to fame as the runner-up of Miss Thailand in 1964.


8. Mai Charoenpura

Mai Charoenpura is a popular Thai singer-actress. The actress-singer will be turning 53 in 2022, she has been working in the Thai entertainment industry since 1980, and continues to work. Mai Siriwimol has done an equal number of films and television while simultaneously managing her singing career. Her last drama was for Channel 3, Krong Kam which aired in 2019.  KrongKam was her first drama after her hiatus from acting.


10. Myria Benedetti

Myria Benedetti whose birth name is Myria Alexandra Benedetti is also popularly known as Nat Myria. The Thai beauty is a multifaceted artist, she is a model, singer, actress, and TV presenter. She has found fame both in singing and acting, more so in singing. The singer-actress has starred in multiple television dramas and films and has also released multiple albums. The singer and actress also explored her skills of hosting a talk show with her best friend, fellow Thai actress, Anne Thongprasom. The talented artist has been working in the Thai Entertainment industry since 1989.