Article: Top 10 Japanese Actors Who Have Impressed Their Fans With Their English Speaking Skills

There is never a time when we're not amazed by our Japanese favourites and their skills. Global fans become delighted when their favourites speak English, so here, we are with a list of ten Japanese actors who have impressed their fans with their English-speaking skills.

1. Hiro Mizushima

Professionally called Hiro Mizushima, Tomohiro Saitō has starred in many well-known tv dramas and movies. You might know him from Kamen Rider Kabuto as Souji Tendo. In the movie Beck, fans found him speaking English fluently and confidently. Born on 3rd April of 1984 in Tokyo, he was brought up in Switzerland so, he's fluent in both Japanese and English. He also has a YouTube channel with 221k subscribers, where he was speaking English in many videos. He frequently makes cooking videos and vlogs to serve his subscribers.


2. Ken Watanabe

If you're a fan of tragic Japanese drama, then you must be familiar with Ken Watanabe. It's no secret that he's one of the most fluent English speakers in the industry. He's known for his roles in movies like Batman begins and Pokémon Detective Pikachu. He was born on October 21, 1959. He also starred in the reboot Godzilla, playing the role of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa. During the 'King and I' casting everyone, he was skeptical about his accent, so he spent every day talking more in English.


3. Dean Fujioka

Fujioka is multilingual and his fans love it. He's fluent in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Indonesian, and English. He moved to Seattle after completing high school in Japan. Fujioka was very interested in different cultures so he visited different countries in Asia and learned their languages. He even released a photobook called Tatsumaki Photoessay.


4. Matsuda Shota

Matsuda Shōta is known for his roles in Taira no Kiyomori, Don Quixote, Love shuffle, LIAR GAME 2, Rokumeikan, and Tsuki no Koibito, etcetera. He has spent some time in England so he has a cute and fluent accent (Adorable, right?). He is half Korean as well (All our k enthusiasts love it).


5. Kensei Mikami

You might know him from Kamen Rider Build and Death note 2016 live-action. Mikami lived in New York since he was 18 till the age of 23 and is very fluent in English and, his skills are seen in the Build. He started acting in 2009 and debuted in Tokyo Dogs and his debut movie Beck was released in 2010.


6. Keito Okamoto

He is a former member of Hey!Say!JUMP. He was educated in England at Framlingham College. Okamoto debuted in his acting career with the drama Kinpachi Sensei in the last episode. Fans love how down-to-earth and shy he is. (Cute!)


7. Kei Hosogai

Kei Hosogai lived in the United States of America for some time, so he is fluent in English. He is a member of the band Cocoa Otoko. He is known for his notable roles as Hiyoshi Wakashi in the Prince of Tennis Musicals.


8. Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano is popular for his witty comedy, presentation, writings, hosting, and acting. He is famous by his stage name, Beat Takeshi, among his fans. In addition, he has also directed movies. Kitano is multilingual and speaks Japanese, English, French, and Chinese. He said that he was initially very anxious about speaking these languages but with regular practice, he mastered all of them.


9. Yuki Furukawa

Yuki Furukawa is a talented actor, model, guitarist, and dancer. He was born on December 18, 1987, and moved to Canada when he was seven years old. Yuki moved to the US at the age of sixteen. He is famous for his role in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.


10. Ryosuke Yamada

He was born on 9th May 1993. Ryosuke Yamada is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. He released his Debut Solo single, "Mystery Virgin" in 2013, which gained him fame as a solo artist. He is popular for his roles in Kindaichi Case files and Assassination classroom. His English-speaking skills are traced to Fullmetal alchemist where he plays the role of Edward Elric.