Article: Top 10 Most Expensive Chinese Dramas Of All Time

Chinese Dramas, also known as C-Dramas, have been steadily getting more and more popular as days go by. With their mesmerising characters to exciting storylines, it has taken over the world. People go back to these dramas multiple times for the very same attention-grabbing stories. Due to the nature of these Chinese Dramas, there are multiple shows that you might not have known were as expensive as they were. From their well-made costumes to the grandiose sets along with the long and detailed storyline, plot and well-versed actors that add to the cost of production. Let us now look at the 10 most expensive Chinese Dramas of all time.

1. The Rebel Princess

Directed by Hou Yong, The Rebel Princess is a recent Chinese Drama launched in 2021 with a total budget of over 700 million Yuan; the Chinese currency. It is a story about a young aristocrat who was married against her own wishes and how she and her husband navigate the power struggles of the royal families to bring peace to their kingdom. The drama stars Zhang Zi Yi and Zhou Yi Wei along with various amazing star cast.

2. The Longest Day In Chang’an 

Directed by Cao Dun, The Longest Day in Chang’an was launched in 2019 with a total budget of around 600 million Yuan. It is a story about a detective-turned-prisoner and the head of an anti-terror department who must work together to ensure that people are safe from the mysterious invaders who are threatening the empire’s capital city right before their lantern festival. With everyone’s life at stake, will both be able to work together and outsmart the invaders leading to a safe city? The drama has been adapted from the novel written by Ma Bo Yong.

3. Legend Of Fei

Directed by Wu Jingyuan, Legend of Fei is a 2020 Chinese Drama with a total budget of over 600 million Yuan. It is a story about our main character Zhou Fei who was the granddaughter of the national hero who due to reasons was forced to become a bandit. But, after years of hiding, Zhou Fei wishes and dreams to get out and escape and so, she does that. But in doing so, she almost drowns and ends up meeting our second main character, Xie Yun. Together, both form a friendship and reveal secrets on their adventure together. This drama has been adapted from the novel “Bandits” by the author Priest.

4. The Legend Of Yang Guifei

Directed by You Xiaogang, The Legend of Yang Guifei is a 2010 Chinese Drama with a total budget of over 383 million Yuan. It is a story that revolves around our main character Yang Yu Huan who is a peasant girl who got chosen to become Emperor’s concubine. It is a romantic story that features a lot of things for you to watch. If you are a romance lover, you should check this out.

5. The Legend Of Ruyi

Directed by Wang Jun, The Legend of Ruyi, also known as Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, is a 2018 Chinese Drama with a total budget of over 330 million Yuan. It is a story about Ruyi, our main character, who is a consort who quickly learns how to navigate through the politics of the royal court to move up in the ranks and soon becomes the Empress. However, there are many challenges that she must survive through while also trying her best to make sure her relationship with the emperor is not rotten. We watch how she maintains her role while facing these challenges.

6. The Empress Of China

Directed by Go Yik Chun, The Empress of China is a 2014 Chinese Drama with a total estimated budget of 320 million Yuan. It is a story revolving around a little girl who was 14 years old and was given the nickname Meiniang, meaning elegant lady by the emperor who was a 39 years old man at the time. That same night when another girl is murdered, all the suspicion lands on Meiniang as she is accused and tortured to confess the “truth” about the murder as she goes through a lot of things.

7. My Chief And My Regiment

Directed by Kang Honglei, My Chief and My Regiment is a 2009 Chinese Drama with a total budget of over 319 million Yuan. It is a story that occurs during the 1942 Battle of Yunnan-Burma Roat during the Second Sino-Japanese War. This drama follows the story of a small group of soldiers who are refugees in Yunnan and their story is narrated by a young student turned soldier, our main character named Meng Fanliao.

8. Three Kingdoms

Directed by Gao Xi Xi, Three Kingdoms is a 2010 Chinese Drama that was adapted from Luo Guanzhong’s romance novel of the same name. This drama has an estimated total budget of over 180 million Yuan. It follows the story of two twin sons of the emperor who are separated at birth and how one grows up and becomes an emperor and the other lives as a commoner. These two brothers end up together when they grow up and learn about everything.

9. The Dream Of Red Mansions

Directed by Ye Jintian, The Dream of Red Mansions is a 2010 Chinese Drama with a total budget of over 118 million Yuan. This drama has been adapted from a classic novel named ‘Dream of the Red Chamber.’ It follows the story of our main character’s love affairs with his cousins in the middle of all the family issues and struggles to remain influential and prove their worth.

10. All Men Are Brothers

Directed by Kuk Kwok-Leung, All Men Are Brothers is a 2011 Chinese Drama adapted from Shi Nai’an’s Water Margin with a total budget of over 130 million Yuan, the Chinese currency. It is a story about the time period of the Northern Song Dynasty where the government was corrupted and the oppressed people finally got up and rebelled for their rights. The story follows the fight of over a hundred men and women and their fight against the government for their rights.