Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars Involved In Serious Crimes

1. Kris Wu 

The whole Chinese industry was shocked when prominent idol and model Kris Wu got arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in July 2021.  Allegations started to unfold when a 19-year-old student posted on Weibo that she was sexually abused by the artist.  Soon after, the actor faced similar accusations of sexual abuse. Even though Wu denied the allegations, the alleged sex crimes are been investigated by the concerned authorities and police. The allegations created a severe setback in Kris Wu’s career as many international brands cut ties with him.


2. Jaycee Chan

In 2014, superstar Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan, an actor and singer in China, was arrested for possession of drugs. Jaycee was tested positive for marijuana use and distribution and was sentenced to six months in prison. The star is yet to make a successful comeback in the entertainment industry after his release. Nevertheless, Jaycee has been working behind the scenes and ventured into producing.


3. Kai Ko

In the 2014 drug bust, alongside Jaycee Chan, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was arrested for possession of drugs. Kai Ko’s arrest was highly controversial because he made an appearance in the anti-drug advertisement in 2012.  After his detainment, Kai Ko faced the industry’s wrath and was cut off from many movies and other television programs. The actor made his comeback in the film Moneyboys.


4. Fan Bingbing

Another major headline that took the media by storm was actress Fan Bingbing's tax evasion scandal in 2018. Bingbing was secretly detained by the police and fined for tax fraud. The actress had gone low profile since she was ban from acting for three years and only made a few appearances on her social media account.


5. Li Daimo

Li Daimo, a Chinese singer who rose to popularity after being discovered during the pioneer season of The Voice of China, was arrested by the police on suspicion of drug-related offenses in 2014. He was condemned to 9 months in prison and was released early because of his excellent behavior. The singer has made a comeback but is yet to achieve the success he received before the scandal.


6. Zhao Wei 

One of China’s acclaimed actresses and film directors, Zhao Wei was always  engulfed in controversies and scandals. Zhao and her husband were alleged of financial impropriety in 2016, and she and her husband were banned for five years from China’s security markets. The working history of the actress has been wiped out from all major Chinese video platforms.


7. Man Wenjun

Famous Chinese pop singer Man Wenjun was exposed to the public due to the drug scandal in 2009. The drug bust caught the singer and his wife consuming drugs during his wife’s birthday party. After his detention, Man released a public apology, but his reputation has already been tarnished. The singer has gone low-key since the incident.


8. Guo Meimei

Guo Meimei, one of China’s famous internet celebrities, was involved in a series of scandals that shook the country. The influencer got famous for infamous reasons, from involvingapplying in illegal gambling to selling prohibited weight loss products. In 2015, she was sentenced to 30 months in jail for the crime.


9. Huang Haibo

One of China’s prominent stars of the 90s, Huang Haibo, got involved in a sex scandal that resulted in his detainment in 2014. As a result, Huang was no longer offered new roles, and his acting career came to an abrupt end. The impropriety had done irreparable damage to the actor’s once-pristine image, and hence Huang migrated to the States.


10. Fu Yiwei 

Fu Yiwei is a mainland Chinese actress, who rose to fame from her role as Daji in the TV series, was detained for providing shelter for others to take narcotic drugs. Considered one of the beautiful actresses of the first generation, the actress ruined her image, and her career plummeted after the drug scandal.