Article:  Top 10 Chinese Famous Celebrity Chefs

The food, the tempting seasoning, the delicious coating, the sweetness, the sourness and the love for food is something that brought you here. The Chinese cuisines are one of the best tastes in the world. The sauces, the veggies, the mouthwatering technique of preparing the delicious plate of noodles, momos, and so many other different dishes are worldwide famous. And the food always has the magic of the hands which prepares the delicacies. We call them Chefs.

Let’s get to know about some famous Chinese Chefs and their magic.

1. Martin Yan

A TV host, a prominent Chinese Chef and a second era culinarian is one of the famous experts of Chinese cuisines. He was born on 22 December, 1948 in Guangzhou, The Republic of China. He started cooking at the age of 12. He received a degree in master of food science from the University of California, Davis. The son of a grocer mother and a father running a successful restaurant has a good hand in delicious cuisine.


2. Shirley Chung

Season 11 finalist of Top Chefs, she got a significant hand in culinary. And also, before this, she was the Executive Chef for China Poblano. She is a multi-talented woman, and apart from this, she owns a beautiful and successful restaurant named Ms Chi Café.


3. Stephen Yan

Born in Hong Kong, the host of the most famous Canadian cooking show Wok with Yan, produced in Ottawa from 1980 to 1995. Also, he owns two famous Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. Some more shows featuring him are Late Night with David Letterman, Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, and many other shows from the United States to Australia.


4. Ken Hom

Kem Hom, who resides in France and Thailand, however, travelled almost everywhere in the world and is considered a VIP culinary expert. He wrote many new books where he kept the record of all the new eateries around the world. His magic of hands is worldwide famous.


5. Cecilia Chiang

Aged 95, Cecilia Chiang is a successful Chinese-American culinary expert and also a great chef. She also opened The Mandarin Restaurant in San Francisco in 1961. She’s famous for bring the real Chinese taste to the American table.


6. Alvin Leung

He is a three-star Michelin gourmet specialist. He has been given the title of “Evil Spirit Chef” also he is known for his “X-treme Chinese Cooking” that includes an edible condom on a mushroom beach. A dark feast prepared by him on an antique transport took people around Hong Kong. He is nicknamed as Demon Chef.


7. Maria Cordero

A multi-talented face wears multiple-cap. She is a famous Chinese Chef. A performing artist, a TV host from Macau also referred as “Fat Mama” by her fans lovingly. Her love for cooking made her prepare treat for her children, grandchildren and everyone.


 8. Susanna Foo

Born in Inner Mongolia, she completed her culinary degree from The Culinary Institute of America. Her hometown is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her cooking includes French and modern Chinese cuisines. She owned some famous restaurants like; Susanna Foo Chinese Cuisine, Suilan, Borgata Casino, Atlantic City and Suga. She also has many different awards like Best Chinese Cook in the country by Eating Well Magazine and many others too.


9. Peng Fan

Chef Peng Fan from Foshan was very much dedicated to Chinese cooking. The culinary expert was bitten by cobra after 20 minutes of his head was cut. The fate became unfair and took the expert’s life while he was preparing the Asian delicacy. He dedicated his whole life to Chinese cuisines and to his love for them.


10. Gary Rhodes

He is a gourmet, a restaurateur, and a creator who have a past filled with dazzling food that have won Michelin stars. “Hell’s Kitchen” is his very own running TV series. He was born in Camberwell, South London. A very well-known chef and a restaurateur, is now among the world’s famous chefs.