Article: Top 10 Actors Who Gave Us The Famous ‘Second-Lead Syndrome’

Most of us have felt the “Second-Lead Syndrome”. You know, when you end up loving the second leads more than the main lead? It’s kind of like an inevitable thing. So, if you’d like to know about some second leads in Chinese dramas that absolutely deserved better, continue reading this article.

1. Gao Zhiting In ‘A Love So Beautiful’

Wu Busong is Chen Xiaoxi’s best friend. Busong looks out for his little friend and does everything he can to make her smile and laugh, like ‘making it snow’. He goes out of his way to protect her when she gets hurt. It is clear to the viewers that Busong cares for Xiaoxi indefinitely. Busong has a bubbly personality which makes it impossible not to fall for him.


2. Steven Zhang In ‘Go Ahead’

He Ziqiu is Li Jianjian’s second brother, though not related by blood. He goofs around with her, participating in all kinds of shenanigans with her. Sometimes he’d end up being the one receiving the prank. His love for Jianjian goes beyond just one town or city. Ziqiu even goes to study professional bakery in Europe just because Jianjian loves to eat sweets.


3. Riley Wang In ‘Attention, Love!’

Wang Jin Li hails from a weathly family. He is verbal about his feelings and does not beat around the bush with what he has to say. Wang is the typical bad boy with his motorcycle and his reputation as a playboy who has never taken any relationship seriously. But things start to change for him after he gets into a fight with Shao Xi. Slowly he starts showing his vulnerable and softer side as the storyline proceeds.


4. Wang You Jun In ‘My Girlfriend Is An Alien’

Fang Lie is Fang Leng’s younger brother. Unlike his older brother, Fang Lie is easy-going, fun, and loves things that don’t involve too much of his brainpower. He likes goofing around and making the best of every moment in his way. Though he may sound like a rich brat, that couldn’t be any further from the case. Even with his wayward ways, Fang Lie still knows how to keep his manners. His fun and simple yet somehow domineering personality draws viewers in like a magnet.


5. Chu Jian Ran In ‘Granting You A Dreamlike Life’

Xu Xing Cheng is a courageous and outspoken young man. He does not believe in keeping his thoughts bottled up. Xing Cheng is an intelligent character and knows when to do what. He isn’t afraid to go against the world for those he cares about. He is confident with himself and carries himself with extreme finesse and grace.


6. Darren Chen In ‘Meteor Garden’

Huaze Lei has a gentle and caring personality. He is strong-willed and passionate about the things that he loves. He happily gives up his shoulders when his friends need to lean on someone. Huaze Lei is a supportive and good friend and maintains relations with those he deems worth it.


7. Gala Zhang In ‘When We Were Young’

Li Yu and Yang Xi have been neighbors and best friends for quite some time. He’s an intelligent and kind-hearted person. Like most other best friends, he cares for her deeply. He helps her study and even tutors her when she needs it. Li Yu is fond of her to the point where he denies a potential love interest, in favour of Yanxi, just to stay loyal to her. 


8. Luo Yun Xi In ‘Ashes Of Love’

Run Yu is a ‘Night Immortal’ whose true form is that of a water dragon. He is gentle, kind, and extremely soft-spoken. Even though Run Yu is the eldest prince of the Heavenly Realm, he has a lower status compared to Xu Feng, the second prince. This is because of his status of being a concubine’s child, so he tries his best to stay in the background and avoids coming into the sight of the Empress. He is in love with Jin Mi, but seeing that he has no chance with her, he slowly gives up on her.


9. Daddi Tang In ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’

Fu Pei is Su Ti Mo’s childhood friend. He ends up growing fond of her ever since their high school days. He is always there when Ti Mo needs him. He grabs lunch with her and even protects her from harm. Fu Pei is sweet and caring, so it was really sad not to see Su Ti Mo pick him.


10. Xu Kai In ‘Story Of Yanxi Palace’

Fucha Fuheng is always beside Yinglou, protecting her, loving her, looking out for her, without wanting anything in return. Even though Fuheng is Yinglou’s first love, their love was not meant to be. Yinglou’s work and reputation as the Emperor’s concubine and her ulterior motive kept her back from being with Fuheng. When Fuheng finally understands this, he lets go of her, despite being madly in love with her.