Article: Top Ten Feel-Good J-Dramas

In this article, we discuss some of the best Japanese dramas to watch if you just want to relax and unwind after a difficult day. Here are some lovable and binge-worthy Japanese Dramas to watch.

1. Nodame Cantabile

In this series, we follow a group of musicians. We follow the lives of an out-of-control pianist and a controlled, cold, and rigid musical genius. Their lives are intertwined. Together they create new and unique music. This is incredibly comedic, and the cast has done a great job.

2. Hana Yori Dango 

In Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers, we follow Makino Tsukushi. She is a witty, bright, and poor student. Despite her lack of wealth, she is hard-working, and she goes to a wealthy and exclusive high school reserved only for the this school, she encounters a group of students called the F4. In this series, we see Makino trying to navigate her life and relationships.

3. Q10

In this series, we follow Heita Fukai, an ordinary and timid high school student. He is not interested in other people and romantic relationships. One day, a young girl gets transferred into the school. Fukai soon discovers that the new girl is a robot named Q10. Their story gets entangled with each other.

4. Ossan’s Love

In this series, we follow Soichi Haruta, who is a single man in his thirties. He enjoys his life, and he is comfortable living his life as an ordinary single man. He has a hard time living alone. Ryota Maki starts to live with Haruta. Musashi Kurosawa who is Haruta’s senior at work confesses to him that he has feelings for Soichi. Haruto’s once simple life gets more complicated.

5. No Longer Heroine  

In No Longer Heroine or Heroine Disqualified, we follow Hatori Matsuzaki, a female high school student. Hatori has a long crush on her childhood friend, Rita Terasaka. She hopes that Rita will one day like her back and ask her to be his heroine. However, her hopes and desires were shattered when he starts dating Miho Adachi. On the other hand, we see that Kosuke Hiromitsu, a popular male student, becomes interested in Hatori.

6. An Incurable Case Of Love

In this series, we follow Nanase Sakura, a dedicated nurse who is twenty-three years old. She had encountered Doctor Kairi Tendo years ago and had fallen in love with him. She wanted to meet him again and decided to work hard and study medicine. After several years she meets Tendo again, however, Tendo is an entirely different person than what she had imagined. Kairi Tendo is a cold person called the devil at work.

7. Buzzer Beat 

In this series, we follow Naoki Kamiya who is a skilled basketball player. Due to his anxiety, he is unable to play professionally. We also follow Riko Shirakawa who is a talented violinist. However, she finds it difficult to become a professional. Their lives get intertwined one day.

8. A Warmed-Up Love 

In this series, we follow a twenty-one-year-old Kiki Inoue. She is a part-time worker at a convince store. She has a social media account where she talks about and reviews various sweet products. This page catches the eyes of the CEO of the convivence store chain who then asks Kiki to develop and work on multiple sweets which he can sell in his stores.

9. Overprotective Kahako

In this series, we follow, Kahako Nemoto, who is a twenty-one-year-old university student. She is highly dependent on her mother for everything and doesn't do work herself. She has never done any chores in her life and has never driven before. One day, her life changes when she encounters a young man who was raised oppositely.

10. Honey And Clover

In this series, we follow the lives of five college art students who are all close friends. A new girl joins the group named Hagu, the niece of an art professor at their university. Two group friends, Takemoto and Morika, grow more affectionate with her and soon fall in love with her.