Article: Top 10 C-Dramas Without Love Triangle

The phase of having a love triangle plot is ordinary in Chinese dramas. It gives more depth to the story. However, apart from having love triangles, C-Dramas is also well-known for having many dramas with no serious love triangles to entertain the audience. Dramas without love triangles are very intriguing to watch as people get to see the deep love and understanding between the leads.

1. Love O2O

Love O2O is about two computer geniuses and good-looking people. Bei Wei Wei and Xiao Nai are majoring in computer science. They both are masters when playing online games. They meet in an online game without knowing each other’s identity in real life. There is no love triangle or misunderstanding among the leads in this drama.

2. You Are My Glory

You Are My Glory shows the story of Qiao Jingjing, a popular actress. She plays an online game and is very talented at it. But people around her want her to prove her identity as they don't believe her. She meets her former classmate and crush, Yu Tu, and asks for his help. This drama is simple, without having serious love triangles among the leads.

3. Go Go Squid

Go Go Squid is a story set about an esports former player, Han Shang Yan, who runs his esports club to teach young teenage boys. Tong Nian is a computer science genius and has a humongous online following. When she meets the boy, she falls for him at first sight. Due to certain things, they are thrown together, and sparks fly between them.

4. The Brightest Star In The Sky  

The Brightest Star In The Sky describes the story of Zheng Bai Xu. He is a rude and arrogant pop star. To manage and control him, his company hires a female assistant, Yang Zhenzhen. She is stubborn and does not let the boy order him around. There is no love triangle among the leads.

5. Begin Again

Begin Again describes the story of a successful woman, Lu Fang Ning. She is nearly in her thirties. Her family is pressuring her to get married. Therefore, she hires a fake candidate, Ling Rui, a good-looking professional doctor. He has an angelic and warm heart and decides to help the girl with a fake marriage contract.

6. I Hear You

I Hear You describes the story of Bei Er Duo, a girl from an ordinary family who wants to pursue being a professional voice actress in Japan. To gather money, she joins a couple of reality programs to win the prize. She meets Ye Shu Wei, a violin maker who joins the program because he lost the bet.

7. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose is about an unsuccessful writer whose writing is getting her nowhere. One day, Chen Qianqian woke up in a different world, and that it was her story and she was one of her characters. She meets Han Shuo, who is scheduled to kill her. Trying to survive in the story written by her is getting difficult day by day for her.

8. Hidden Love

Hidden Love drama is a recent hit about a love story between a girl and his brother’s best friend. Sang Zhi has a crush on his brother’s best friend, but he is five years older than her. Duan Jia Xu thinks of her as his little sister. They meet again after years, and a lot has changed between them.

9. When I Fly Towards You 

When I Fly Towards You describes the story of a cheerful transfer student, Su Zai Zai. On her first day of school, she encounters the cool Zhang Lu Rang and instantly likes him. This drama is a love story between the leads, which is shown from high school and college life to their work life. There is no love triangle, making it worth watching for the people.

10. Falling Into Your Smile

Falling Into Your Smile is a gaming romance between the leads. Tong Yao is a genius while playing games, and she wants to join a gaming esports group. She gets the opportunity to join a five-member group that only has boys. Lu Shi Cheng is the leader, and both are stubborn, which leads to a spice drama between them.