Article: Top 10 K-Dramas Without Love Triangle

Korean dramas are very famous for having love triangles among the leads. It gives another dimension to the story and adds a little spice. However, some K-dramas have no serious love interest for the leads. Let’s look at some of the K-dramas without love triangles adored by the audience.

1. Healer 

The healer is a suspenseful and mysterious drama of 2014. Seo Jung-hoo is an agent who works as a spy to collect information about others. He goes by the name ‘Healer.’ He once got the work to collect information about Chae Young-shin, a reporter going down her career path. While spying on her, the healer gets to know many shocking revelations not only about her but him as well.

2. Bring It On, Ghost

Bring It On, Ghost is a supernatural K-drama with no love triangle. Park Bong-pal is a college student who can see ghosts. Because of his superpower, no one wants to be his friend. To get his eye treated, he wants money. So he earns money by fighting ghosts. He meets Kim Hyeon-ji, a ghost who is different from others.

3. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Goblin is a fantasy drama of 2016. The characters are Goblin, Grim Reaper, and Goblin's bride. Goblin has been living for more than 900 years, and he cannot die because of the curse he got due to his past mistakes. He can only die when he finds his bride and if she pulls the sword from his chest.

4. Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants Of The Sun describes the story of Kang Mo-yeon, a doctor. She meets Yoo Shi-jin, an army captain who keeps his identity hidden because of his job. They meet again in the camp army base where doctors are needed to treat the patients. So Kang Mo-yeon comes face to face with Yoo Shi-jin with his real identity.

5. The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch describes the story of Lee Gon, the leader of his Korean emperor. He is known as a good leader among his people, but he hides the huge wound of seeing his father get killed in front of him. He finds about parallel world where the government governs the country. He meets Jeong Tae-eul, a detective.

6. The Legend Of The Blue Sea 

The Legend Of The Blue Sea describes a romance between a mermaid and a human. Shim Cheong, a mermaid got caught by a fisherman. She meets Heo Joon-jae, a scammer who scams rich people and earns money. He found interest in the mermaid as she has a very vintage and expensive green bangle that he wants.

7. W

W, also known as W: Two World, describes the story of Oh Yeon-joo, a doctor. Her father is a webtoon writer. She gets pulled into the webtoon world and meets the main character of the webtoon, Kang Cheol. She saves him from death. The girl couldn't believe what was happening to her and why she went into a webtoon world.

8. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim 

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim tells the story of a perfectly mannered CEO, Lee Young-joon, who wants everything perfect. He has a secretary, Kim Mi-so, and only she can handle him. After working for nine years with him, she announced that she wanted to resign from the company without giving a proper reason. The CEO was astonished and in disbelief at her sudden resignation announcement.

9. Touch Your Heart

Touch Your Heart describes the story of once-top actress Oh Jin-shim. She gets caught up in a scandal, which leaves her jobless for two years. After two years, she got the opportunity to clear her name by playing a small role as a secretary. Kwon Jung-rok is a lawyer, and she will be his secretary.

10. Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way describes the story of two long-time friends, Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra. Ko Dong-man is a former taekwondo champion, while Choi Ae-ra is a recipient. Even though they are friends, they fight a lot and are immature. Their immature friendship takes a turn when they realize there is a feeling of something else also involved.