Article: 10 K Dramas Based On The Zombie Apocalypse

Since the success of the 2016 movie Train to Busan, k dramas have produced some extraordinary zombie-themed series. These shows are a perfect mix of comedy and horror. We have created a list of zombie-themed series with some spine-chilling stories. These stories promise to keep you entertained and terrified. Here are some interesting takes on the zombie genre. 

1. All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Our Dead captures the ways students stuck at a high school fight with thousands of zombies. The students must escape the school before they are infected. The series has a perfect balance of humor and action. 


2. Happiness

The series is about the residents living in a society suspected of being infected by zombies. The government ordered a lockdown, and the members stood with no choice but to live inside their own homes. The series captures the rising anxiety among the people and the risk of infection. 


3. #Alive

The series is about a man waking up abandoned by his family only to find that his neighborhood is full of zombies. As he locks himself inside his house, he suffers from a food shortage. He must find a way to escape before it's too late. 


4. Zombie Detective

The story tells the story of a man with lost memory who tries to uncover who he is while embracing the role of a detective. The show is funnier than scary and has lots of twists. 


5. Kingdom

The period drama is about a zombie apocalypse in the prehistoric era. The prince has to deal with the political storm and the zombies with limited resources. The series shows a group of people fighting the zombie and finding their origin. 


6. Sweet Home

The series is about humans turning into peculiar creatures. Song Kang plays a teenager dealing with bullying and loss. The members of the apartments discover that people become monsters when they give in to their desires. 


7. Blood

The series is about a surgeon saving his patient’s life in the morning while hiding his urge to drink blood in the darkness. The show is unique and perfect for viewers looking for a horror twist in a rom-com. 


8. Dark Hole

The series is about the escaping smoke from a factory sinkhole causing people to turn into creatures. The survivors must find a way to escape from the beasts depending on this smoke and save themselves from turning into these creatures. 


9. Doomsday Book

The series is a compilation of a few short stories. One of the episodes is about a man who eats contaminated beef leading to a zombie apocalypse. The series consists of a diverse storyline and interesting characters. 


10. Horror Stories

The story is about a high schooler telling her kidnapper horror stories to survive. The girl tells the story of Ambulance on the Death Zone, in which survivors escaping from a zombie outbreak in their society suspect each other of being infected.