Article: Top 10 C-Dramas With The Rich Boy And Poor Girl Story

Chinese drama offers various types of genres to the audiences from which the rich boy and poor girl genre is one of them. Many series explore this particular type of genre. These dramas depict the story of a boy and a girl who come from very different family statuses, come across each other, and pass the hurdles on their way to happy and triumphant love. A vast majority of viewers enjoy this type of genre widely as it consists of not only the rich boy and poor girl story but also depicts fun, romance, thriller, action, etc. It also offers lessons about life and relationships.

1. Once We Get Married

It is a 2021 drama that depicts the story of Gu Xi Xi, a fashion industry shopper. She runs a small online business where she helps couples buy designer dresses for their wedding. Yin Si Chin is the CEO of a prominent company that aims to win one of the most famous fashion designer's businesses. Due to an unwanted situation, both leads must form a contractual marriage to assist each other in business. Gu Xi Xi and Yin Si Chin, extremely opposite from each other, eventually find and fall in love with each other in this contract marriage.

2. Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling

Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling is a 2021, rom-com series, adapted from I Accidentally Picked Up a President, a web novel by Chun Feng Yi Du. The story revolves around Gu An Xin, who works as a delivery woman and spends daily moving around the city. Ling Yue, the heir to a prominent corporation gets into an ugly fight for the succession of the powerful corporation, which led him to an accident. While looking for help, Ling Yue runs into An Xin. An Xin rushes him to the hospital, but it turns out that Ling Yue has lost his memories. An Xin promises to take care and bring him to her house. Due to their different living styles and statuses, it was difficult for both of them to adjust together at An Xin's place, but with time, they grew close and fell in love.

3. Hello Mr. Gu

It is a 2021 drama that tells the tale of Gu Nan Zhou, a CEO and a successful businessman of a prosperous company who has a fear of the crowd. Zhou Jian Qing, the daughter of a wealthy household has lived her fairy-tale life. Still, suddenly one day, her family business falls into a difficult time, leaving Jian Qing and her family penniless. Unaware of this fact, Nan Zhou and Jian Qing cross each other’s paths and get entangled in some circumstances. Nan Zhou decides that the only way to escape from the event is to enter into a contractual union with Jian Qing. Their families support their marriage, and gradually, with time, they accept their fate and slowly from being friends they become lovers.

4. Because Of Meeting You

It is the story of Zhang Guo Guo, after getting into an accident she loses her memory, after which she gets adopted into an impoverished household where she has a step-sister, Zhang Yu Xin. Guo Guo works as a food delivery girl. Guo Guo did not receive a high school education due to their family condition, but because of her keen and genuine nature, the entire neighborhood adores her. Guo Guo and her step-sister, Yu Xin are on the path of chasing their passion and career when they come across two brother's, Li Yun Kai and Li Yun Zhe, from a wealthy family where love blooms and leads to a happy ending.

5. Lucky With You

It is a drama that portrays the story of a female bodyguard, Wu Shiyi, who has been hired to protect Hou Jeu, son of a wealthy family. While meeting for the first time, Hou Jeu underestimates Shiyi and purposely makes things difficult for her. Shiyi stands her ground and proves herself despite the tough times. From getting death threats to facing dangerous situations together, something starts to heat up between the boss, and employee and at last, they fall in love with each other.

6. Dating In The Kitchen

Dating In The Kitchen is a 2020 drama that explores the story of Gu Sheng Nan, an underrated junior chef who loves to cook and convey herself through her cooking skills and works for Zijing Hotel. Lu Jin, the CEO, is all set to eliminate the Zijing Hotel until he tries Sheng Nan's dishes and acknowledges her skills as a chef. Sheng Nan and Lu Jin share a common love for food. An improbable bond starts to spark between the two as they hang around and spend more time together leading to a strong bond which at last, leads them to a very unexpected place where none of them had ever expected themselves to be.

7. You Are My Destiny

The drama portrays the story of Chen Jia Xin, a young art editor, and Wang Xi Yi, a successor to a multi-billion dollar corporation. Both happened to meet on a cruise ship that was for the Bahamas. Xi Yi helps Jia Xin to get revenge on her boyfriend, who cheated on her with another girl, and Jia Xin helps Xi Yi to persuade his girlfriend, who stood him up, to accept his proposal. They celebrate their success to the limit where they both get drunk and lead to a one-night stand. After a few months, Jia Xin comes to know that she is pregnant, after which both of them agree to go into a contract marriage with some terms and conditions. As they spend their time together, they start to gain feelings for each other, but many problem arises among them, due to which they have to separate. Lastly, their destiny brings them back together with a baby boy.

8. Mid Summer Is Full Of Love

Mid Summer is Full Of Love is a 2020 drama that has 24 episodes. The drama is about Luo Tian Rian, a strong young woman who dreams of becoming a successful songwriter. Jin Ze Yi is a famous and pretentious pop singer. Both have very different personalities yet they are temporarily compelled to live together. It is a rom-com series, where Tian Rian and Ze Yi despite having different personalities somehow fall in love with each other.

9. Times Teaches Me To Love

The drama tells the story of Lin Lu and Shi Liansen. Lin has to pay for her younger brother’s medical bills, due to which she and Shi Liansen, the CEO of a corporation, get into a contract relationship. Despite being in a contract relationship which was just for each others benefit, Lin Lu and Shi Liansen develop feelings for each other unknowingly.

10. Boss & Me

It is a 2014 drama based on the novel Come and Eat, Shan Shan. The drama depicts Feng Teng, the president of a big conglomerate whose sister has scarce blood type, and requires transfusion. Feng Teng discovers Xue Shan Shan, an employee of his company who shares the same blood type as his sister, convinces her to donate her blood. Being debited to Shan Shan, Feng Tang and his sister send her healthy food instead of money as a token of thank you, and because she can regain her health and recover from the blood loss. Shan Shan enjoys her food, side by side, due to her bright and bubbly nature, Feng Tang gains feelings for her.