Article: Top 10 Best Chinese Dramas To Binge Watch In The First Quarter Of 2022

Top 10 Best Chinese Dramas To Binge Watch In The First Quarter Of 2022
Top 10 Best Chinese Dramas To Binge Watch In The First Quarter Of 2022

Hello Cubies! Get ready to binge-watch the best Chinese dramas that debuted in 2022. So far, there have been many dramas released in mainland China. However, only a few have succeeded in creating buzz and capturing the attention of fans. Let us see the top 10 C

1. Who Rules The World

Cast:  Yang Yang, Zhao Lu Si

Genres:  Historical, Romance, Wuxia

Well, the drama, Who Rules the World, is the most anticipated drama according to the We TV records that revolves around Bai Feng, who is majestic and unrestrained, while Hei Feng is quite the opposite of her.


2. The Oath Of Love

Cast:  Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi

Director:  Lu Ying

Genres:  Music, Romance, Drama, Family

The story revolves around how our male and female leads fall in love irrespective of their working exposure and helps each other to improve their career. Here we can see Xiao Zhan as a handsome doctor, while our female has portrayed the role of a budding cellist.


3. The Blue Whisper

Cast:  Dilraba Dilmurat, Ren Jia Lun, Hu Yi Xuan

Director:  Chu Yui Bun

Genres:  Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

The Blue Whisper is the drama that received all the love and support from international fans. You can see Ren Jia Lun as the merman and Dilraba Dilmurat as the demon master. If you were a fan of Long Balad and Ashes of Love, then The blue whisper can be your cup of tea.


4. The Blue Whisper II

Cast:  Dilraba Dilmurat, Ren Jia Lun, Hu Yi Xuan

Director:  Chu Yui Bun

Genres:  Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

The Blue Whisper II is the sequel to The Blue Whisper Part I. It will create a visual treat for the eyes. The cinematography for this drama is outstanding. So, if you want to watch a colorful drama, I would recommend this drama. You can also watch its prequel.


5. Master Of My Own

Cast:  Lin Geng Xin, Tan Song Yun

Director:  Yao Ting Ting

Genres:  Business, Life, Drama

Ning Meng takes a job at a new investment firm to advance her career. Lu Ji Ming(male lead) secretly helps Ning Meng(female lead). You can see how love blossoms between our main characters. You can watch it if you want to see a drama with a strong female lead character.


6. The Murder In Kairoutei

Cast:  Deng Jia Jia, Zhang Xin Cheng

Director:  Li Ya Tao

Genres:  Thriller, Mystery

The Murder in Kairoutei is one of the best thriller dramas released so far this year. Because of Zhang Xin Cheng, this drama got high anticipation from the audience. It revolves around an investigation that took place at Kairoutei.


7. Legally Romance

Cast:  Z. Tao, Song Zu Er

Director:  Xue Ling

Genres:  Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Legally Romance is a drama that can capture your emotions. The cast has performed their roles nicely. This drama is all about time travel. When Song Zu Er gets into an accident, she dreams about going back 11 years. Then she realizes the true, genuine feelings of Z. Tao about how he helped her from the beginning.


8. A Robot In The Orange Orchard

Cast:  Leon Leong, Sun Qian

Director:  Xing Xiao

Genres:  Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi

A Robot in the Orange Orchard is the drama remake of "I'm Not a Robot". If you haven't already seen the Korean version, I recommend you watch this one. Even though it is a remake of the Korean version, if you watch it once, you will probably enjoy it.


9. She And Her Perfect Husband

 Director:  Lin Yan

Genres:  Friendship, Romance, Family.

Cast : Yang Mi, Xu Kai

The story revolves around Yang Mi and Xu Kai. Yang Mi is a female lawyer who was rushed into the marriage by her parents. In this drama, Yang Mi's brother secretly changes her marital status to married without intimating her. So everyone in the office assumes that Yang Mi is married. In this drama, you can see how Yang Mi acknowledges the importance of marriage. Guys! This drama hasn’t aired yet, but you can enjoy it when it is aired.


10. Love The Way You Are (2022)

 Cast : Lai Kuan Lin, Angelababy

Director:  Yu Chung Chung

Genres:  Romance, Life

Love the Way You Are is a romantic drama about Yin Ke and her stepbrother Xu Guang Xi. This drama is one of the sweetest of this year. You can see a lot of acting improvement from our male lead, Lai Kuan. Chinese dramas that were best so far.