Article: Ten Chinese Heroes Who Played Villains In Their Debut Film

It is always a task to portray a negative character. These actors were brave enough to step into these negative roles. The viewers loathe the antagonists because they are roadblocks in the hero and heroine's lives. But these actors got thought of for their remarkable acting skills as antagonists. The viewers might despise them, but they still wish for them secretly not to get caught. The actors did a great job of making the viewers dislike them because that's what a villain is supposed to do. These actors will leave you in awe. These actors left a deep mark on the viewers. These actors are masters of their art.

1. Pal Sinn

Shan Liwen played the role of Ximen Qing in Pan Jinlian Before and Now. He was the bassist of a well-known band. He made his debut in this Chinese drama. He nails the role of the villain. He has a creepy smile and shows his spectacular acting skills as a villain. He needed to look powerful and cruel for the part. He got nominated for the Best New Actor in the Golden Image Award. He played the bad guy in The Gambler. He has showcased his extraordinary acting skills and gained an appreciation for not disappointing his fans. He also worked in A Ying is the highlight of his career. He got the opportunity to play Ximen in The Golden Vase. He became a household name.


2. Zhang Yaoyang

Zhang Yaoyang played the role of a handsome killer in Prison Situation. He continued taking up negative roles. He played the negative part of a tall, charismatic brother in the School Situation. He proved his versatility by signing up for some positive characters. He returned to playing a villain in Young and Dangerous with 3 Hands Covering the Sky. He played the part of the vicious and cunning Tiger Crow. He played a pivotal role in this comic-adapted movie. He got remembered for his role as the Tiger Crow and the famous assassin. He took a break after his spinal injury and didn't return. He got accused of committing illegal activities.


3. Long Fang

Long Fang kickstarted his acting career as Gao Yi in God of Gamblers. He was brave for playing a villain at the start of his career and after quitting his job as a manager in a port. Long Fang's life was full of struggles. He was a martial art performer and director. But his production house dissolved, and he started to work in a catering service. He played a negative role in Supreme. He was the best match for an English-speaking antagonist. He got nominated for the academy awards for his extraordinary portrayal in the movie. He signed up for negative roles until he got diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, the celebrated actor passed away at the age of 54.


4. Lawrence Wang

Wang Xiao played the role of Liu Dajiao in Beijing Story in 1986. He played the role of a doctor opposite Jet Li in Die Hard. He was remembered for his role as the doctor and got praised for overpowering the megastar Jet Li.  He directed and produced the well-known Chinese series Love Evidence. He passed away when he was 42 because he got diagnosed with liver cancer. He will get remembered for years to come.


5. Collin Chou

Zou Zhaolong played the negative role of Chang in WeiNine Pins of Sesame Officials. He played the role of an antagonist in The Fuse and The Matrix. Zou Zhaoling got skeptical about the Wulitou, but he took this challenge and got appreciated for his part. He is a trained martial art artist. He worked in the Hollywood films True Half Understanding. He also played a vital role in the web series Tathagata Palm.


6. Mark Cheng

Zheng Haonan played the role of Wu, an assassin in Underworld 2: Harmony. He played the role of Situ Haonan in 98 Young and Dangerous Dragon Fighting. He caught the eye because of his muscular and well-maintained body. He got recognition for his pivotal role in Young and Dangerous. He was known as the calm villain for this role. He is 57 years old but works hard to keep his body in shape and look charming. He is a memorable actor with exceptional acting skills.


7. Yu Rongguang

Yu Rongguang portrayed a negative character in Letter to Dad. The title got highly appreciated by the viewers. He is known for his memorable role as an antagonist, Fu Guang. He is known for his iconic sunglasses and badass personality. He got recognized for his humor and hostility. He is a versatile actor. He mostly played negative roles as he rose to fame. He worked hard to achieve these roles.


8. Lin Wei

Lin Wei has never been the lead in a movie, but he gets admired by the entertainment industry. He played the role of Zhensanhuan in Plan A Sequel. He played the law-abiding but malicious villain. Viewers got convinced that there stands no better actor to play the antagonist. He made a steady shift from playing negative characters to more positive ones. He recently made headlines for his personal life.


9. Liu Xun

Lin Xun portrayed the negative characters Liu Yongfu and Huang Qiying in Huang Feihong. He also played a villain in Swordsman. He showcased his extraordinary acting and martial art skills. He played many positive roles, but the negative portrayal left an impression on the viewers. Lin Xun’s last movie was The Lost Murderer. Since then, he has not returned on screen. He is a legendary actor.


10. Charlie Cao

Charlie Cao portrayed the role of an antagonist opposite Jacky Chan in Police Story. He is known for his quirky and evil roles. He has shifted many professions but found true love in acting. He gets portrayed as a humorous and cruel market holder. He is known for stepping out of the box in The Scout. He got seen mostly in Zhou Xingchi’s melodramatic movies as the antagonist. He has inspired many newcomers.