Article: Top Ten Thai Wedding Songs

One’s wedding day is the most anticipated in a couple’s life. We love to plan everything perfectly as it is a rare occasion in our lives. From the decorations to the attires to which song to dance to, everything must create an environment of joy, happiness, and love. Below are some Thai wedding songs for a perfect wedding:

1. Soulmate – Cocktail

This song is about a lover singing about their perfect soulmate. It is a song about finally finding the one and only who can make you feel immense emotions. The song has a sweet, and melodious tune which is the perfect wedding song to ball dance.


2. I Will Do My Best To Love You - Tong

This song is about moving on from a problematic relationship and finding love in someone new. It is about trusting your new lover and trying your best to love them despite the past trauma. This song has an overwhelming and emotional melody and lyrics. Perfect to for getting in your emotions while you dance.


3. My Breath

It is a love song that compares your lover to your breath. The song displays their love as an essential in their life, just like air. The piece has an addictive and lovely melody to groove to. It is a perfect song to remind your partner about their importance in your special day.


4. Head Over Heels – Labanoon

The song translates to “Pae Tang” on Thai and means the lovesick state of a lover when they have completely fallen head over heels for someone. This song expresses feelings you get when you fall for someone who is exactly your type.


5. You’re A Gift 

This song is about cherishing someone because they are a gift from heaven. The lyrics express how the person would take care of their lover forever. The song has a lovely jazz feel to it. It is perfect for such a joyous occasion.


6. Stop – Groove Riders

This song is about finally finding the one and stopping their search for love. The lyrics ask life to stop at that moment with their partner so that they can spend their life with them. It is a playful and addictive song, the perfect music to groove to in your marriage.


7. Still On My Mind

It is an OST of a Thai drama with English lyrics. The lyrics are about not being able to get someone off your mind. The song ends with you’ll be ever and ever, still on my mind. It is a soulful and slow music to express your love for your loved ones on your special day.


8. Only You – Noona

This song is about finding only one for you. Noona’s vocals set a warm and sweet melody for the music and give it a perfect ring to your ear. The lyrics showcase an overwhelming feeling towards your loved one who is the only one for you, an ideal melody to slow dance to.


9. Touch – Marina Balenciaga Ft Mario Mairer

This is an OST from the drama Bad Romeo. Yaya and Mario beautifully played the role of two lovers from different classes and fall in love despite the oddities. The song is beautifully sang by Marina and Mario himself and has a soothing tone to it. It is perfect for slow dancing and falling in love with your partner’s touch.


10. You’re Mine – Earth Patravee

This song is about someone asking their loved ones if they can call them theirs. It’s about falling in love with everything about a person and asking them, “Can I Call You Mine?” Earth’s melodious voice adds a spark to the song making it the perfect reminder of love for your wedding.