Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With The Best Costumes

A good movie needs convincing actors, an interesting plot, and an impeccable setting for the story to be filmed. But you most certainly cannot see people wearing jeans in the setting of a film set in the 8th century, it wouldn't exactly be historically accurate, would it? Costumes are hence just as important as the above 3 factors. Some costumes are just so drop-dead gorgeous that we associate a movie with it, just like the classic red dress is associated with the Julia Roberts starrer. These Top 10 Thai Movies With The Best Costumes can testify to this.

1. King Naresuan

This movie series follows the life story of historical relic King Naresuan the Great. With a ginormous budget of 700 million THB, it is only natural that this project has intricate and stunning costumes including those for minor characters like soldiers, generals and war animals.


2. Khu Kam

Khu Kam is actually a Thai novel written by author Thommayanti. This book has been adapted into both a film and a drama series. The plot of this book is set in World War II striken Thailand, where the resistance movement has just begun, and the costumes do justice to the characters and their role.


3. Angulimala

Angulimala is an important figure in Buddhist ideology and is a prime example of the complete transformation into the light that adopting this religion causes. The 2003 film of the same name puts Angulimala in a different perspective and is a fantasy action take on this important character.


4. Pawang Rak

This film is set during the 1917 Great Depression and focuses on the people and lives in Thailand. Mutt just lost his father to suicide. He must go through several struggles to make ends meet while also trying to win the heart of his childhood lover. The gown that Sai wears at the very end of the movie is a signia of this project.

5. Legend Of Suriyothai

This film was the most expensive film of its time. It tells the story of feminist icon Queen Suriyothai, focusing on the details for her final and most memorable sacrifice, which is when she shields her king and Kingdom by blocking the Burmese armada with her war elephant. The costumes are historically accurate and mesmerizing to look at.


6. Yamada: Samurai Of Ayutthaya

This film follows a recluse Samurai who was just betrayed by his old teammates and left to die. He is rescued by the Thai and learns the art of Muay Boran, going on to finally become an esteemed governor in a province of Thailand. This movie again has impeccable costumes.

7. Edge Of The Empire

Edge of the Empire is set in the 8th century and follows the small town of Tai that decides to make an impact by standing up to their overlords who have been oppressing them for a long time, going on to battle the Imperial army in a fight for what is truly just and correct.


8. Queens Of Langkasuka

Queens of Langkasuka has gorgeous traditional Thai costumes which are worth applauding. This story follows the brave tale of 3 queen sisters who join hands in order to defeat an impending threat on their kingdom and people- a band of vicious sea pirates led by notorious captain Black Raven.


9. Siyama

Siyama is a modern take on a historical viewpoint. Three friends are teleported back in time to the war ridden town of Ayutthaya, with villagers and soldiers alike trying to defend the land at all costs. The costuming is impeccable and really portrays the era and ambience of the characters.


10. Behind The Painting

Behind the Painting revolves around the backstory of a famous painting, Behind the stream. It follows an upper-class aristocrat lady in 1940 Thailand who meets and falls deep in love with a younger student studying there. Some of the costumes of the characters are much too intricate and elegant to even comprehend.