Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With Technological Impacts

The films we see today would not have been possible 20 years ago. Film-making is a constant effort to get the better of past movies and best each other, whether in plot or special effects. Animated movies prove to be an example of the same, evolving continuously to attract better attention and applause. From 2D animation to 3D, technology seems to be evolving adjacently to keep up with the increasing demands for something new. This list of the Top 10 Thai Movies With Technological Impacts can help reaffirm the same.

1. Best Of Times

This cute film follows teacher Keng who started classes to teach the elderly how to use computers. He meets a couple who are trying to rediscover love and decides to help them, while also simultaneously trying to move forward in his own love life. This film won several awards including Best Screenplay.


2. 9 Satra: Legend Of Muay Thai

This legendary Thai 3D animation film secured itself a high rank in the list of best animated films. With an international box office earning of 100 million THB, it was dubbed Film of the Year at the Nine Entertain Awards 2019. This film for a huge milestone achieved by Thai graphic animators.


3. Khan Kluay

Even as early as in 2006, Thai animation was celebrated globally. The movie Khan Kluay follows an elephant that decides to leave his home and mother in order to achieve something greater. And he finally manages to do so- by securing the post of war elephant to King Naresuan the Great.


4. King Naresuan

Another one in the list of movies with great technological impacts is the film series The Legend of King Naresuan. It follows the story of the revered former monarch of Thailand. This project had an enormous budget that amounted upto 700 million THB, but it was well worth it considering the stunning graphics.


5. Yak: Giant King

Yak: Giant King features two robots that find themselves shackled to each other and go on a quest to find the maker of all robots to free themselves. This movie stands to be a reinterpretation of the fable of Ramayana and won several awards and accolades for its animation and storyline.


6. Death Wave

>This movie is another gem on the list of movies with the best graphics. It was hyped to be a megahit disaster film like its peers in Hollywood but failed to live up to those expectations because of bad publicity and controversies. It is Thailand's first film that featured one of the main characters being the Prime minister.


7. Inhuman Kiss

Inhuman Kiss or Krasue is a Thai horror thriller that was critically acclaimed internationally for its gripping plotline and plot twists. Krasue tells the story of a girl who is cursed to turn into a bloodthirsty spirit every night, whose head detaches from its body.


8. The Pool

This horror thriller is much like Jaws, it's Hollywood counterpart. It follows a couple who wake up to find themselves stranded in a 6-feet deep drained pool with a crocodile. The graphics and animation received accolades and positive reviews. It is still considered a celebrated technological milestone.


9. Necromancer

This dark thriller has incredible graphics and animation and is a definite treat for fantasy movie stans. After being the lone survivor of a cult attack, the protagonist Win starts a quest to avenge his family, but gets pulled into something deeper and darker that he cannot comprehend.


10. Bodyguard 2

Featuring hero Khum Lung in another hilarious hit sequel, Bodyguard 2 follows his quest to capture and underground terrorist organization by waylaying a popular record label. It's graphics and animation made for a budget of 100 million THB, making it the most expensive film of its time.