Article: Top 10 Thai Celebrity Drug Scandals

Being a celebrity is not easy. The spotlight that makes you the centre of attention can also blind you enough to lose your way. Life in the spotlight comes with benefits but, it brings unnecessary attention to you as well. With a celebrity's personal lives compromised and out in the open, stars are expected to be at their best behaviour but, sometimes they get on the wrong track. This track sometimes includes drugs, and today we are looking at 10 Thai celebrities who went down this dark road.

1. Amelia Jacobs

Amelia won Ms Teen Thailand in 2006. She made her acting debut under channel 7 and went on to sign a contract with Channel 3 due to her promising future. But everything was burned to the ground after Amelia and her boyfriend were found in possession of crystal meth and ecstasy pills for use and sale. She was to 3 months in jail, two years suspension and fined 5000 baht for illicit drug use.


2. Sek Loso

Sek Loso is a Thai musician, Singer-songwriter. He was the lead guitarist and singer of a rock band named Loso. Sek has been a problematic celebrity widely known for his actions.

He was finally charged for possession of an unlicensed firearm, resisting arrest, drug abuse and threatening police with a gun after police came for a visit after he live-streamed himself firing a firearm in public. He was sentenced to 42 months of jail time.


3. Alisa "Yuyee" Intusmith

Yuyee is a singer, actress and former model. She was an active animal activist along with her ex-husband before she went to jail. Yuyee has a past with drugs. She was arrested in 2014 for trafficking 5mg of cocaine into Thailand. She was sentenced to 15 years of jail time with 1.5 million baht as a fine. This was a controversial case and Yuyee finally walked out of jail after spending 2345 days inside.


4.Touch Na Takuatung

Touch is a famous pop singer and actor from the 90s. Even though there isn't much information about his arrest and what happened afterwards. There were reports that he was arrested in a drug case near a condominium near Tha Phra intersection in Thailand in 1997.


5. Suttata "PunPun" Udomsilp

The now successful actress faced a situation that a lot of celebrities might have not been able to come back from at the young age of sixteen. A photo of her allegedly taking crystal meth, better known as ice, was circulated. This led to extensive media scrutiny and public opinions being made about her. Her father admitted to it and apologized on his daughter's behalf.


6. Pornpan Joyce TK

Joyce was a promising Star in the 2000s but, it all went downhill after she was caught along with her husband in possession of 4,040 methamphetamine pills with the intent to sell. After a fight for a reduced sentence, Pornparn served 8 years and 9 months in jail and paid 282,000 baht as a fine. Whereas, her husband was sentenced to prison for 33 years.


7. Namfon Kullanut

Namfon Kullanut came under fire after she failed a urine test. She later explained that her friend has mixed ecstasy in her drink and she had not willingly taken it. Due to this scandal, she had to take a break from work and her case was dropped.


8. Rojjana "Yui" Phetkanha

Rojjana was a supermodel who had represented Thailand on big platforms and worked for brands like Vogue and Chanel. She lost it all after she ended up getting addicted to drugs. Her life as a supermodel came to an end after this scandal. Now she has bounced back and is working again to make space fr herself again.


9. Pat Power Pat

Vorayot Boonthongnum or better known by his stage name Pat Power Pat was a young music sensation in the early 2000s. He quickly transitioned as an actor and was doing fine. But he was then arrested for possession of drugs. He had become a drug addict at the age of 23 and was sentenced to jail for around 50 years. He was released after serving over 16 years in jail.


10. Athip Nana

Athip Nana was a promising young talent who was found in possession of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. He was arrested for this and his career went on pause after this incident.