Article: Top 10 Works Of Keita Machida

If you are a BL fan, then Keita Machida isn’t an unknown name for you. As a walking green flag, he stole everyone’s hearts in ‘Cherry Magic!’ as Kurosawa. But he was and is still making strides in the Japanese industry even today. His charming personality and good looks have molded him to fit into a variety of roles. So, this list is for a Keita Machida fan, who is interested in watching his works.

1. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?!

Kiyoshi Adachi, a salaryman, has yet to experience romance despite being in his 30s. As the urban tale comes true, he develops the power to read people's minds if they touch him. If our protagonist's world hasn't already been flipped upside down, he learns that the popular office worker Yuichi Kurosawa has a crush on him. 'Wholesome' is another way to describe the series. This Japanese series is worth seeing because of its slow-burn romance and the delightful and chaotic moments of this relationship.

2. Alice In Borderland

This science fiction thriller series, set to premiere in 2020, is based on Haro Aso's manga of the same name. Arisu, the main character, gets taken to the Borderland, where he embarks on a journey to the real world by playing death games with his pals. Machida plays Karube here, one of the best friends of Arisu. Despite difficulties and times when his life was at stake, Karube kept confidence in Arisu. The bond between them was a special highlight of this show.

3. Meet Me After School

This series is such a guilty pleasure, for it involves a romance between a 15-year-old and a 25-year-old. Yet the emotions are portrayed so beautifully in this show that you can’t help but root for the grey characters. Machida is the female lead’s fiance. There will be a lot of moments to both love and hate his character here. However, rest assured, he does have his happy ending in this series.

4. Super Rich

Mamoru, born into privilege but deprived of parental affection due to their early loss, is drawn to her company's success. On the other hand, Yu, juggling part-time work to support his family while pursuing studies, sees the internship as a chance to transform his life. Despite their vastly different personalities, love manages to bloom between them. Machida takes on the role of Soya Miyamura, who is once again, a smart office worker.

5. Tepacchi!

Once a high school rugby star, Hiroshi's injuries led to his isolation from the world. After a run-in with the law, he lost his job and home. Then, an offer to join the Self-Defense Force gave him a fresh start with food and shelter. Reluctantly, he embarked on this new path, discovering purpose and belonging through tough training. Keita’s portrayal as the naive yet idealistic Hiroshi makes him endearing to constantly root for.

6. Unknown

Kokoro Yamihara is a talented reporter with a hidden secret – she's a vampire. Asada Toramatsu, a fiery police officer, also has an unimaginable secret of his own. They can't share their secrets and are unable to marry. Now, they're both involved in a strange serial murder case in their town where victims are mysteriously drained of blood. This drama is another testimony as to why Machida is a favorite for playing the second lead in a love triangle.

7. Jam

This is a dramedy where all the members of Gekidan Exile star. Keita Machida plays the role of Takeru, whose girlfriend is in a coma. Desperate to help her, he prays at a shrine and hears a mysterious voice telling him to do three good deeds to awaken her. With his story, stories of other members lay interwoven too. This is pretty much absurd overall - which provides a testimony to Keita’s versatility.

8. Cinema Fighters

Shunsuke was driving to meet his girlfriend,  Kanako, for a fireworks party when he realized how little he knew about her. ‘Cinema Fighters’ is a film made up of six short stories based on six distinct songs, each directed by a different notable director. The best part of this movie? Well, Machida is married to his co-actress Hyunri in real life!

9. Your Eyes Tell

This is a cute story between a blind girl and the male lead. Machida plays Sakuma, the male lead's childhood friend from an orphanage, now running an underground fight club. Sakuma, feeling lonely and jealous of the male lead's escape from their troubled past, tries to pull him back into the underworld, determined to succeed at any cost.

10. Fixer

One night, the prime minister's car crashes off a cliff, and the driver, suspected of drunk driving, dies. Chaos erupts as doubts arise about whether it was an accident. Keita Machida plays Watanabe Tatsuya, a journalist in a big newspaper's political department, who seeks the truth by reaching out to those linked to the prime minister's crash. This is a very interesting watch and keeps you fixated on your seat for three seasons.