Article: Top 10 Time Travel Movies In Korean So Far

Time travel has piqued people interest for many years because of its enticing quality.This idea of time travel excites audiences every time. But creating these kinds of films with incredible plots is not simple. For each movie, filmmakers are free to develop fresher sci-fiideas. All of them, however, have one thing in common: they all want to go back in time to undo something that has already happened. It's not necessary for all time-travel movies to

have genuine-time travel or to convey the do-it-now, rather than tomorrow, maxim. It a lotof fun going back in time. Below listed are the top 10-time travel movies in Korean so far.

1. Lucid Dream (2017)

In Jun-sung Kim's Korean sci-fi thriller Lucid Dream, a father tries to locate his kidnapped son by traveling into the past in his mind. Lucid Dream is just a part-time-travel film, but it packed with impressive visuals, gory scenes, quick-paced chase scenes, and enough story twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. A distraught father who spent three years looking for his kidnapped son now uses lucid dreams to try and find his lost child.

2. A Day (2017)

Cho Sun-ho is the director of the 2017 South Korean thriller mystery film A Day. In the story, Kim Joon Young is a well-known thoracic surgeon who isn't a great parentto his daughter Eun-Jung. An accident leaves his daughter dead in front of him one day .He strives to uncover the mystery of that day alongside the ambulance driver Lee Min Chul as the same day keeps happening from that point on. If you want a suspenseful movie with heart, watch A Day. The movie concentrates equally on poignant reunions and fast-paced, with many complex aspects and unexpected narrative turns.

3. Il Mare (2000)

It later came to be regarded as a genre pioneer in the time-travel romance subgenre.Lee Hyun Seung directed the film. A young woman leaves her charming coastal home in 1999 and moves back to the city.She puts a letter in the mailbox for the new owner, instructing them to forward any of hercorrespondence to the new address. A disillusioned young architect who moves into thesame home in 1997 discovers the letter. She receives his response after he deposits itin the mailbox, starting a love story that takes place in two different periods.This movie is a subtly despairing love story with a backdrop of greenery, sunsets, andwater.

4. 2009: Lost Memories (2002)

Lee Si Myung's science fiction action movie 2009: Lost Memories, released in 2002,was based on Bok Geo-il 1987 book Looking for an Epitaph. History changed in 1909 when an assassination attempt failed in Harbin, China. Tounravel the connection between this artifact and an ancient Korean artifact, two JB Iagents must work together.When Korean citizens strive to travel back in time to change history, anti-terrorism experts (Tôru Nakamura, Jang Dong-gun) end up on opposite sides. As a collaborative South Korean-Japanese production, the film offered a daring story and did a commendable job of tackling weighty issues like nationalism and patriotism.

5. Project Makeover (2007)

Project Makeover, directed by Chang-lae Kim, is a lighthearted and entertaining rom-com that should only be experienced and not remembered for too long. The unhappy woman takes on the identity of her cousin to prevent her younger self fromcommitting the same mistakes and jeopardizing her future and travels back in time. Thisfilm teaches us that although you cannot undo the past (as Jung-Joo would discover thehard way), you can still look ahead and influence the future.This movie is perfect for gloomy days and lonely evenings since it's cheerful, hilarious, and warm.

6. Will You Be There (2016)

The French novel Seras-tu là? by Guillaume Musso served as the inspiration for the2016 South Korean fantasy drama film Will You Be There, which was helmed by HongJi-young.The plot centers on Soo Hyun discovering mystical tablets that let him travel throughtime. The future Soo Hyun meets the youthful Soo Hyun 30 years in the past, at whichpoint he uncovers that his lover would shortly pass away as a result of him. The twoSoo-hyuns attempt to modify the past to save her, but this only creates a new and unexpected history that results in a brand-new future.It a cute, heart-warming short movie.

7. Time Renegades (2016)

South Korean director Kwak Jae Yong Time Renegades is a romantic thriller.In this film, a 1983 high school teacher and a 2015 investigator who are 30 years a partwork together via their dreams to alter the dangerous course that their shared lovelifeis on.This story will appeal to those who like complex time-travel stories.

8. 11:00 A.M. (2013)

Kim Hyun Seok sci-fi thriller AM 11:00 got released in 2013 in South Korea.A time machine has finally been created in the not too distant future by experts in adeep-sea facility. If he completes a test flight, a mega-corporation will provide funds to head researcher Woo Seok. The following morning, when he and Young-eun arrive at11 A.M. to complete the task, they discover the base is about to collapse. Now that the researchers are all vanished, someone is out to get them. The science-fiction thriller AM 11:00 is quite watchable and mildly entertaining.

9. The Spies (2012)

A 2012 South Korean action-comedy film by the director Woo Min-ho is titled The Spies ,sometimes known as The Spy. The film follows Kim Myeong-min (39) Agent Kim, a family guy who leads a pleasant and joyful life with his wife and two kids. He works for a business that imports phoney viagrafrom China while posing as a manager. Agent Kang, Agent Woo, and Adviser Yoonwere Agent Kim three teammates when he was dispatched to South Korea ten years ago for a unique assignment.The fight scenes are sleek and expertly planned, and the action is tremendous.

10. Young Gun In The Time (2012)

A South Korean action-sci-fi movie, Young Gun in the Time got released in 2012. OhYoung-doo served as the director.

The investigator in this film, Yung Gun, is approached by a stunning woman who requests that he commit murder. Yung Gun politely declines. But shortly after, she uses the time machine to travel back in time after dying in a car accident. Yung Gun starts to get interested.It successfully defeats the miscreant via one of the most creative applications of time travel.