Article: Top 10 Korean Comedies To Watch In 2020

In the turmoil of 2022, you might want to take a break, lean back, and relax. And what better way to do it than watch some comedy films or, better yet, Korean comedy films? With the rise of the Korean wave in entertainment and music, there is no better time to acquaint yourself with some of the classics and modern titles that will make you laugh out loud and maybe even make you think with their subtle undertones.


1. Welcome To Dongmakgol

This excellent movie boasts a stellar cast and a beautiful musical score. In this witty little war parody,the village Dongmakgol is tucked away from the ongoing Korean war. The story starts when South and North Korean soldiers, and a US fighter pilot, get stranded in the village, leading to a heartwarming and thoughtful comedy.


2. Sunny

This movie is a heartfelt nod to youth, friendship, and the memories you carry and of a reunion. A middle-aged woman struggles to get her teenage friend group back together for one last time and we watch her teenage journey and her troublesome pursuit of her group ‘Sunny.’


3. Veteran

This action-filled, tightly packed movie about a cop who tracks down a young criminal who runs a crime syndicate under a corrupt corporation will satisfy you with its throwdowns and effectively executed jokes.


4. Baby And Me

What’s better than a funny movie about a random stranger taking care of an abandoned baby? A rebellious teenager taking care of a baby, of course. This movie is the staple ‘funny movie with a baby’ of Korean films, and it's sure to have you chuckling.


5. Spell Bound

A horror comedy that’s binge-worthy and includes romance? Look no further. Spellbound brings together an eccentric girl who can see ghosts and a magician who has just the right opportunity for her. Suffice to say; this movie will have you spellbound the whole time.


6. Twenty

This movie follows three high school friends as they navigate being adults and their challenges. Newly turned twenty, these three are in for new opportunities, wreaking havoc and maybe even love. If you want to refresh those college memories or watch young adults and their antics, this movie is for you.


7. Miss Granny

With an Indian and Filipino remake, Miss Granny is one of the top South Korean comedies of all time. This family-friendly and touching story follows an old resilient but lonely woman as she’s suddenly turned young and given another chance at youth and maybe even a lost chance at life and music. Entertaining and downright lovely, this film is one for the bucket list.


8. My Sassy Girl

One of the biggest grossing hits of all time in South Korea, this movie is also credited with contributing to the Korean wave worldwide. It has numerous remakes in various languages as well. Moreover, the story was based on a true story told by blogposts, later made into a fictional novel by the author himself. It follows a male engineering student, who crosses paths with a self-centered young woman who embarrasses him constantly.

9. Miracle In Cell Number 7

Again following actual life events, Miracle In Cell Number 7 is a beautiful story about a mentally disabled father, wrongly accused and jailed for murder and rape, and his young daughter who is smuggled into the jail by his fellow inmates. This absolute tearjerker of a comedy is a rewarding ride from beginning to end and will leave you in awe of the love shared by every character in this movie.


10. Extreme Job

This laugh-out-loud action comedy about a drug squad who buys a chicken restaurant to use as a stakeout to bust an international drug circle and ends up rocketed to fame for its recipe will leave you in stitches. The perfect recipe for film fanatics who love a healthy dose of kicks in their funny scenes.