Article: Top 10 Stunning Korean Actresses Looked Hot In Suits

There has never been a better moment to bring back delicately made suits. 2022 is the year of effortlessly stylish yet opulently comfy apparel. Additionally, these cozy clothes don't have to be completely limited. Party planning, outside feasting, and other events can also involve relaxed tailoring. They seem equally stylish in heeled sandals, lurkers, workplace totes, and small handbags. But regardless of what they decide, these suits are always expertly made, making the women seem gorgeous—and just, you know, trendy. We were motivated to endeavor some since we had seen several Korean actresses wearing suits in various designs. These actresses were flawless in these outfits. Now let's look at the top 10 stunning Korean actresses who looked hot in suits.

1. Park Min Young 

Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young are the stars of the well-liked Korean television series Her Private Life. The entire office appears to be Park Minyoung's fashion display as she retains every competent and exquisite suit style appropriately in this drama. She also wore suits throughout the drama Forecasting Love and Weather in 2022.


2. Son Ye Jin 

In the eyes of many, Yoon Se Ri's portrayal by Son Ye Jin will always be a classic. Every time she wears a suit, her assurance and fashion seem naturalistic. Yijin excelled at playing the heiress. Every suit appearance was flawless on her. 


3. Jeon Yeo-Been

Every attorney's fantasy is Jeon Yeo-been's lawsuits from Vincenzo. The character of Hong Cha-Young, portrayed by Jeon Yeo-been, is an unmistakable workplace style icon who teaches us how to dress for success while maintaining a sophisticated appearance in her trademark pantsuit. 


4. Bae Suzy 

Along with a significant plot, the K-drama Start-Up also boasts great styling, as seen by Seo Dal-mi (played by Bae Suzy) and other characters. She wears multiple simple suits that dress up her straightforward blouse-and-jeans attire throughout the series. We think Dal-mi's decision to include a blazer in her daily attire is a simple approach to appear put together while being at ease throughout the day. 


5. Kim Seo Hyung 

Kim Seo Hyung's character Jung Seo Hyun controls a presence in K-drama Mine while wearing stylish outfits that combine rough and soft aspects. The elements have a silky feel because of silk fabrics, graceful drapery, and soft colors. Soft-tailored suits can appear as striking as elegantly structured ones, as evidenced by her looks.


6. Kwon Nara 

Kwon Nara, who plays Oh Soo-ah, one of the lead female characters in Itaewon Class and an ex-member of the girl band Hello Venus, was frequently spotted wearing fashionable attire. The series featured a lot of custom suits worn by Kwon Nara's character. Her collection of plaid suits and tie-neck chiffon blouses help as a superb example of stylish power dressing for the office.


7. Kim So Hye

Jung Geum Ja is the name of the attorney played by Kim Hye Soo. Kim Hye Soo violates the audience's assumptions about what a lawyer should seem like in the stills. In Hyena, Kim Soo Hyun's outfits match her rebellious persona. She flaunts a captivating appearance while wearing a suit and her lawyer badge. Her wardrobe complemented her intense action scenes perfectly.


8. Kim Nam Joo

Kim Nam Joo, who played Ko Hye-ran in the K-Drama Misty, had slick clothes, elegant wavy hair, and a piercing stare. No other actress could have performed the role of Ko Hye-ran, a professional anchor, better than Kim Nam Joo. 


9. Song Hye Kyo

The Korean drama Now, We're Breaking Up stars Song Hye Kyo as Ha Young Eun, a fashion designer with a passion for fashion. And if you've been watching the drama, you might have noticed Song Hye Kyo's abundance of subtly fashionable attire. We Are Breaking Up provided us with a tonne of adorable neutral clothes. In this series, Song Hye Kyo executed these understated yet striking outfits.


10. Kim Go Eun 

By embracing informal attire, Kim Go Eun added excitement to her routine office work. She appeared very neat and uncomplicated in all of her monochrome clothes. Additionally, cardigans and illustrated t-shirts look as fashionable when worn with blazers.