Article: Top 10 Korean Movies And Series That Are Based On Zombie Apocalypse

The entertainment industry never fails to impress its audience with its variety, whether about the characters, storyline, VFX, or style. Countless movies could get us all the emotions bent with variations. Each year, hundreds of films are produced, and each one of them comprises some uniqueness within. The Korean entertainment industry does the same thing, infamous for highlighting distinct plotlines that are so good that sometimes they even gain international attention. There can be various movies and web series under supernatural themes, such as movies about vampires, goblins, witches and wizards, black magic, etc. Still, the new buzzword in the market is Zombie. Zombies are not extraordinary beings. They are humans, more specifically, humans without emotions and pain. They are flesh eaters who thrive in seeking flesh from other humans that is not another zombie. The zombie concept is linked with the modern era problem where their creatures sometimes originate due to contamination or viruses. This concept has some iconic hits, such as Resident Evil, which took off the world by a trending storm. Here, we will talk about some iconic pieces based on zombie apocalypse.

1. All Of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is a masterpiece that gives us the viewpoint of students and the mist of the zombie apocalypse. The series mainly focuses on the consequences of the zombie apocalypse at the school. The primary reason for the entire scenario was the school bullying of the science teacher's child. The substances had extreme side effects, turning the people into flesh-eating monsters. All of our dead will provide an insight into many emotions, including parental love, friendships, togetherness, bullying, jealousy, etc. It also shows the bullying culture in schools and favoritism by the influence of people that guard these people, leading to the oppression of others.

2. Train To Busan

Train to Busan is another heart-melting movie where the viewers will view the zombie apocalypse from the viewpoint of train passengers who consider it a regular train ride that soon turns into a nightmare. The protagonist is a father and her daughter who tries their best to escape their bloody fate. The father tries to protect her daughter and ensure her survival in every way possible but sacrifices himself. It was also released that the father, a share advisor, was somehow responsible for the virus outbreak.

3. Peninsula

Peninsula is based on the world post-train to Busan movie. Train to Busan focused on the world for whom the virus was new, but the peninsula is about the world after the fours of virus outbreak. There are mixed opinions on whether the peninsula is a worthy successor due to the massive success of the train to Busan. The story revolves around the ex-soldier who has been assigned a mission to travel through the Zombie peninsula to get to a money-loaded truck with his crew.

4. The Neighbor Zombie

The neighbor zombie states the viewpoint of a Korean whose hard but peaceful life was turned upside down by a virus that could lead to society's collapse. These people try to survive and fight back to protect loved ones. The movie is sincere and shows the genuine feeling one would have when the humiliating virus and its consequences would knock down their entire society.

5. Kingdom

Kingdom is something that was not seen before and comprises deep twists. It is a remarkably incredible web series taken out by Netflix and is an adaptation of a webcomic serial. It is about a crown prince who gets deep into the plague, affecting his people mysteriously. In the way of unfolding the mystery, the prince sinks deeper into a political power struggle. The execution is perfect and can satisfy most of his viewers. The series comprises two breathtaking seasons and an extraordinary episode, which is a must-watch because it narrates the back story of the dreadful plague.

6. Happiness

Happiness is a good series and a must-watch that thrives on a perfect blend of drama and comedy, even in tense situations. The series follows the set of the near future, where the government has put a group into quarantine but catches Rita virus due to a failed treatment. The show perfectly blends various emotions and, more importantly, frequent surprises that keep the audience fresh.

7. Alive

Alive is another heart-melting movie that follows a teenage boy whose world turns upside down when his society is knocked down by a strange virus, turning people into violent zombies. He was alone, playing e-games during the outbreak, and the family couldn't make it home due to the virus. He is stuck in his apartment with limited food and water for survival. When he has lost all hope of staying alive and is about to commit suicide, he discovers that one more person is active in the neighboring apartment, which gives him a home. They keep each other alive after the army rescues several odd situations.

8. The Wailing

The wailing tells us the story of a small area knocked down by a strange virus thought to be caused by the evil spirits of locals. It follows the lead of Jong-goo, a police officer who holds the scenario case. The film blends modern horror, brilliant performance, heart-wrenching slaughter, and morality tale.

9. Zombie Detectives

Zombie Detectives is quite different from other movies in the same niche as it speaks of a man who wakes up from amnesia and discovers he is transformed into a zombie. He learns everything to blend in and works as a detective while trying to uncover his past.

10. Doomsday Book

The Doomsday is a collection of three stories focusing on human behavior in the high-tech world. The first story, A Brave New World, speaks of a zombie outbreak that a crazy scientist and his sister have caused. The cause of the virus was a poisonous meat that they consumed. The movie was critically appreciated for using zombie outbreaks as a satire on human nature and politics.