Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun is a name that evokes intelligence and dedication in the world of accomplishments. As we examine the significant turning points in this exceptional person's life, it becomes clear that her journey has been characterized by a dogged pursuit of greatness and a dedication to having a significant effect in various fields. Here, we list the top 10 accomplishments that sum up Cho Yi Hyun's motivational career.

1. All Of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is a zombie-themed drama inspired by Joo Dong Keun's webtoon of the same name. When everyone in a school turns into a zombie, this drama chronicles the challenges of numerous high school students stranded there. They attempted to leave school and find shelter without enough food and liquids. Cho Yi Hyun can depict a gorgeous zombie character with success, drawing attention to her acting ability. Many people idolize her and Lomon and believe they are dating because of their chemistry.

2. School 2021

It is one of the best teen dramas, which is highly loved by fans. Additionally, Kim Yo Han, a well-known athlete and an idol will be fighting against Cho Yi Hyun in the acting category. Because this movie was delayed because of COVID-19, Cho Yi Hyun's quest to become the main character in this drama was also not straightforward. The drama centers on renowned taekwondo competitor Gong Ki Joon, who broke his leg severely. Gong Ki Joon, dissatisfied with his circumstances, meets Jin Ji Won at his new school. Ki Joon's life is made more colorful and enjoyable by this female, who is always upbeat and slow.

3. Ditto

In 1999, Yong enrolled in a university to study mechanical engineering. He enrolled at the institution in 1995 but left to complete his required military service. He returned to school as a student after completing his military service. Han Sol is his first love. Yong then manages to get in touch with Mu Nee. In the present, Mu Nee resides. In 2021, she enrolled at her institution and declared sociology as her major. Despite being from different eras, Yong and Mu Nee interact, and their story develops.

4. Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis, a 2019 supernatural horror film stars Cho Yi Hyun as Park Hyeon Ju. After a pastor is suspected of killing a child and sparking a controversy in the neighborhood, his family is forced to relocate. The family is resolving their interpersonal conflicts as they move into their new home, but a paranormal presence seems to have followed them there from the start. The pastor attempted to kill them because a demon was residing in the child's body, and the devil vowed revenge against the pastor and his family. They are now compelled to face it, and they must survive its cunning manipulations.

5. Bad Papa

In this, Cho Yi Hyun portrays the role of Kim Se Jung. The South Korean film Bad Papa, which debuted in 2018, depicts the tale of a father who aspires to be a better man. This 40-something-year-old father, played by Jang Hyuk, doesn't do much for either his wife or children. Their predicament worsens when his daughter gets into problems and the family is sued. He was a former investigator who was fired after being accused of accepting a bribe. The father decides to try to collect the money for the settlement by using his past success as a boxing champion, but there is a significant catch: the contests he is entering are illegal. The situation for the family can deteriorate if he is apprehended.

6. Less Than Evil

In this, Cho Yi Hyun portrays the role of Bae Yeo Wool. Less Than Evil is a South Korean television program based on the Luther British television series, which features Shin Ha-kyun as the title character. Detective Woo Tae-suk (Shin) is renowned for apprehending criminals despite all odds and has a high arrest rate. Eun Sun-Jae (Lee Seol), a new serial murderer in town, has the intelligence and cunning to outsmart anyone who is pursuing her. Woo is assigned to her case and is looking for Eun, but throughout the 32 episodes of the series, she always manages to get away from him when he seems to be getting close.

7. My Country: The New Age

In this, Cho Yi Hyun portrays the role of Seo Yeon. Between the early Joseon period and the end of the Goryeo period. Due to disagreements regarding "my country," two buddies point swords at one another. Seo Hwi is a combatant. Seo Geom, his father, is a well-known general. When it comes to injustice, Seo Hwi makes no concessions. His existence descends into hell, yet he maintains a smile. Nam Sun Ho is a wise and gifted individual. Nam Sun Ho is despised by others since his mother was born into the lowest class. He hopes to succeed on the military service test. Nam Sun Ho loses his ambitions due to a corruption issue involving his father. Making matters worse, he clashes with Seo Hwi.

8. Hospital Playlist

In this, Cho Yi Hyun portrays the role of Jang Yoon Bok. At the hospital, described as the microcosm of life because it is where people are born and die, the stories of people going about their days are seemingly commonplace but very special. The five doctors have been close friends for 20 years and attended the same medical school as undergraduates when they first met. They are now coworkers in the same hospital and are band members.

9. The Matchmakers

Sim Jung Woo is a young man with intelligence and good looks. Despite being the youngest person to win first place in the state exam, he was chosen to marry the princess. Suddenly, the princess passed away during their wedding ceremony. Sim Jung Woo's circumstances altered, making him the most unfortunate person. He cannot obtain a government position and cannot get married again, according to Joseon period custom. After that, he started dating Jung Soon Deok. Sim Jung Woo and Jung Soon Deok start dating and work as matchmakers to arrange marriages for older single people.

10. Vampire Chef

It is an upcoming drama of Cho Yi Hyun. To forget the taste of blood he tasted from his boyhood friend, Kang Mi Ro, Hong Ki Jun, the owner and chef of an unnamed restaurant in Itaewon, diligently feeds, oversees, and cares for his customers.