Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Addressing Beauty Standards

Korean dramas have heart-warming love storylines that leave us with butterflies in our bellies. Somehow, after a show's run, there's always a life lesson to be learned, and it manages to stick with us for the rest of our binge-watching days. Take, for example, stories about physical beauty. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Dramas Addressing Beauty Standards.

1. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

The story follows the life of Kang Mi-rae, years of getting bullied for having an appearance that didn't fit her surroundings, she decides to have plastic surgery. The attempt first appeared successful and provided her with further opportunities. However, she received criticism for having plastic surgery & got frequently pressured to look more beautiful. Then, she started to feel better and stopped caring what other people thought of her.

2. True Beauty 

This drama tells the story of Lim Ju-Kyung, whose appearance causes her to have low self- esteem. She still suffers criticism from her family and pressure from her friends because of her lack of beauty. Ju-Kyung, fed up with this approach, learns makeup using online tutorial videos. Her schoolmates looked at her as a goddess once she changed her appearance.

3. Oh My Venus

Despite being a successful attorney, 33-year-old Kang Joo-Eun still faces disrespect and taunts from her colleagues due to her weight. She seeks the assistance of well-known Hollywood personal trainer Kim Young-ho to change her life after being dumped by her 15-year boyfriend for the same reason. Woo-Shik has lost all interest in Joo-Eun since she has undergone several changes and is no longer as attractive as she once was.

4. She Was Pretty

Hye Jin convinces her beautiful roommate to take her place and act as her now handsome first love, Ji Sung-Joon, requests to meet. However, problems emerge when Hye Jin, unable to keep up her attractive appearance in high school, accepts a position at Sung-magazine Joon's company. Where Sung-Joon openly treats her with disrespect and hates while unaware that she is his childhood friend.

5. The Beauty Inside

This drama centers on Han Se-Gye, a well-known actress with a secret: Every month, she assumes a different identity and changes her appearance. She eventually has a relationship with Seo Do-Jae, an ideal and successful guy who hides the fact that he has Prosopagnosia, which makes it difficult for her to remember faces. By distinguishing between people based on their characteristics, she makes up for this.

6. Perfume

Min Jae-hee, a dedicated middle-aged housewife who felt betrayed by her husband's extramarital affair, attempts on her life. Before she can, though, she receives a mysterious perfume that magically restores her youthful beauty. She agrees to work as a top model for fashion designer Seo Yi-Do, who would be the ideal man if it weren't for his numerous phobias, to relive her youth.

7. Birth Of The Beauty 

The sad existence of Sa Geum-ran is the subject of this play. Her spouse, who works abroad, is having an affair. She had an accident one day. Several people, including her husband's relatives, believed she had passed away. However, Geum-ran survived and came up with a plan to get revenge. She underwent cosmetic surgery after losing weight to achieve her ideal form. In addition, she changed her name to Sara and made an effort to restore her relationship with her husband.

8. My Lovely Sam Soo 

In this tale, Kim Sam-soon, a talented pastry maker in her 30s made fun of for being overweight, is described. However, she worries a lot about heartbreak. Her loved ones had abandoned her. However, she never gives up trying to make her life the best it can be. Up until the day, he meets Hyun Jin-hun, a charming businessman with a troubled past. They then find that they are compatible with one another, not physically but in terms of their ability to be friends and be genuine.

9. Miracle

Shi-Yeon and Kwon Shi-ah are opposed. Shi-Yeon, in contrast to Shi-ah, the well known and idealized K-pop idol, is an obese recluse who never leaves her room. Shi-Yeon only leaves the house to see the mysterious tarot reader who provides him with magic tarot cards. But when the twin sisters wake up one day and discover that their souls have switched bodies, their entire world is turned upside down.

10. Miss Korea

After being severely impacted by the 1997 IMF crisis and in desperate need of cash, the company's CEO set out with his staff to turn a clumsy 25-year-old elevator operator into a beauty queen in the hopes of aiding her in winning Miss Korea.