Article: Top 10 Korean Drama That Will Make You Cry

There are some days in our lives when we feel like crying. Well, letting out those emotions is very good. Watching emotional movies and dramas is an excellent way to release our stress and cry our hearts out. Korean dramas have taken over the world and have become people’s favorites.  Here are the top 10 Korean dramas that will make you cry for sure.

1. The Hymn Of Death

The Hymn of Death was released in 2018. The three-episode long Drama is based when Korea was occupied by Japan, and liberal movements were going on everywhere. It shows us the life of Korea’s first soprano singer, who is in love with a prolific writer. The Drama has a very tragic ending, and it depicts the difficulties people faced during the 1920s in Korea.


2. Goblin

One of the most popular shows, Goblin, is a thriller depicting the love between an immortal soul and a young girl in South Korea. The story gets very emotional when the Joseon Dynasty immortal soldier falls into a dilemma of whether to continue his immortality or not.


3. Hi Bye, Mama

The drama is about a woman who dies in a tragic accident leaving behind her young daughter. She returns as a ghost for 49 days to take of her daughter. The story depicts the pure love of a mother and close relationships. The drama will make you understand the importance of life and the people around us.


4. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The male lead, Moo Young, is living a tragedy- filled life as he doesn’t know what happened to his parents in his childhood. He meets Yoo Jin, and they fall in love with each other. The drama will make us unsure if Moo Young is a good guy or not. But eventually, we get to know the sad reality of his life and how much he loves Yoo Jin. The ending will break your heart.


5. Queen For Seven Days

Queen Dangyeong loses the love of her life just after seven days after taking over the throne. The tragic love story and the incidents happening in the drama manage to make viewers very emotional. The undying love between the lead characters will make you sob till the end.


6. Radiant

The series is about Kim Hye Ja, whose dream is to become a news anchor. She wakes up as a 70-year-old one morning. Lee Joon Ha is the opposite of Hye Ja. He has given up all his dreams. The story shows how both of them help each other to achieve their goals in life. It’s a soothing and emotional story that might break your hearts as well.


7. The Red Sleeve

This one is a historical drama depicting the life of an emperor who falls in love with a court lady. Their love story is filled with many difficulties because of the difference in their status. The romantic scenes and the emotions of the drama make it perfect.


8. Winter Sonata 

A classic K-drama, Winter Sonata is one of the most popular dramas. It is pretty cliché and has some predictable scenes. Still, it doesn’t leave any stone unturned in making the viewers sob.


9. Just Between Lovers

It is a tale of two young lovers who come together as they learn that they both went through the same tragedy in childhood. The drama is heartbreaking a lot of times. Ha Moon So is an architect working on a project to prevent the tragedy she went through. She meets Lee Gang Doo, who has also suffered from the same disaster. Slowly, both of them become friends, and their love story begins.


10. Good Doctor 

Good Doctor is about an autistic doctor who joins a hospital as a pediatrician. He gets opposed by a lot of co-workers and patients. The doctor has to prove himself in this field despite the difficulties. The drama is quite heart-warming and deserves a watch.