Article: Top 10 Korean Cafes And Restaurants Owned By The Family Of K-Pop Idols

Korean cafe culture is one of a kind. From aesthetic vibes and exquisite interiors to delectable food, they stand out to be everyone's favorite. While there are no fewer cafes in the country, the below-listed cafes which are owned by K-pop idols or their families, are visited by their fans and other celebrities as well.

1. Magnate

Cafe Magnate is a cafe owned by Jimin's father. Its unusual industrial architecture makes it different from other cafes. This is a nice, spacious, cozy cafe that serves good coffee and pastries, which are baked live for the customers. The place stands out differently for the locals of Busan, and it becomes more special for the BTS ARMY. Although there is not much related to Jimin here, a collection of caps and hats is displayed in a cabinet that Jimin once wore.


2. Ossu Seiromushi

Ossu Seiromushi is a cafe owned by Kim Seok Joong, the brother of BTS Jin.  The cafe located in Seoul serves Japanese cuisine and great steamed food. The wooden interior of the cafe, wooden steamers, trays, and beige-colored walls gives off an authentic Japanese restaurant feel. This place is located near the Lotte Tower and is within walking distance from Seokcheon Lake.


3. Kamong

Kamong Espresso Cafe is a well-known waffle cafe in Seocho-Gu, Seoul. The cafe is owned by the elder sister of Exo's Kai. Kong's name is derived from the combination of his name and his dog's name; Kai+Monggu. The cafe has very modern and classy vibes. They're known for serving delicious waffles, coffee, and handmade cookies.


4. Caffé Soo

Caffé Soo is a cafe owned by Bae Suzy's mother in Gwangju.  The cafe was earlier a snack bar which was later converted into a cafe by Bae Suzy for her mother. The cafe serves coffee and other dishes at a comparatively low price than other usual cafes. The cafe is nice and cozy with good food. It has pictures and some belongings of Suzy along with messages from fans for her.


5. Mouse Rabbit

Mouse Rabit is a 3-floor cafe run by Super Junior— Yesung and his brother. Opened in 2015, the cafe has 3 floors, basement floor is known as the mouse hole which is a nice warm place to hang out. 1st floor has the main counter and an outer terrace for enjoying the food with a nice view. The next floor is decked with decorations and stores that sell products like mugs, eco bags, and toys designed and produced by the Mouse Rabbit cafe itself. Americano, Lemon Mojito, Strawberry Bingsu, and Chocolate Bingsu are some of its signature delicacies.


6. Nerd On Earth

Lim Seulong of the boy band 2 AM owns Nerd on Earth or Nerd Bar, a popular rooftop bar in the Itaewon district. This cafe has an awesome atmosphere from the blue and red lights blending with the music playing in the background. This secret gem is often visited by many celebrities.  The cafe serves unique and high-quality snacks like wraps of dried tomatoes combined with ricotta cheese, beef brisket jjampong, etc.


7. Café Aewol Monsant

Cafe Aewol Monsant is a cafe located on Jeju Island owned by the K-pop star, G-Dragon of Big Bang. The cafe has a modern interior with impressive glass windows giving an excellent view of the ocean.  It is located by the seashore and is known for serving delicious cakes, lattes, tea, and sandwiches.


8. Grill5Taco

The Grill 5 Taco Cafe is run by Donghae of Super Junior. The cafe is located in the Cheongdam area, in the southern part of Seoul. The cafe has a high-end modern interior and is known for serving fusion Korean-Mexican-style tacos and Kimchi quesadillas.


9. Haru And One Day

The cafe is co-owned by Donghae of Super Junior and his brother.  One can enjoy his early morning coffee here as the cafe opens by 7 a.m. The minimalist interior and design give a cozy and welcoming vibe to the cafe. The cafe serves quite nice beverages and food. Along with that, one can also purchase merchandise like travel pouches, mugs, tumblers, and canvas bags.


10. Everything But The Hero

This cafe owned by Jo In-Sung's brother is located on Gyeongriinn street in Itaewon. The cafe features lovely contemporary decor with a welcoming vibe. The pastries, lattes, chocolates, and fresh juices in this cafe are highly renowned, and customers can enjoy them on the terrace while taking in the cityscape.