Article: Top 10 Korean Actors With The Sweetest Smiles

A warm smile can brighten the dullest days, and Korean actors know how to dazzle us with their charming grins. It feels like a warm embrace to see them smiling. We want our favorite actors always to keep smiling and stay healthy. Here are the top 10 Korean actors with the sweetest smiles, guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat and turn your cheeks red.

1. Kim Seon Ho

The Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor is renowned for his smile because of his dimples. His smile is the sweetest and makes us swoon. His lovely dimples pop out when he grins, giving him the spotlight. He is handsome, and his smile makes him a million times more charming.

2. Yim Si Wang

Yim Si Wang has the loveliest smile, and we want him to keep smiling forever because he is beautiful. He was a popular idol because of his beautiful smile. Even while playing a villainous role, he charms us whenever he smiles. He is the sweetest person and deserves the world. You will want to look at his pictures daily and fall harder for that sweet, adorable smile.

3. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum’s adorable gummy smile makes our hearts beat faster. He gives us serotonin with that sweet smile. His sleepy, smiley face from his role in Reply 1988 turned him into an international heartthrob. He is everyone’s crush because of his lovely smile. Park Bogum's beautiful grin can brighten even the darkest of days. He is an adorable person.

4. Lee Jung Ha

The Moving star made everybody his fan with his adorable facial expressions and his sweet smile. We love him so much. Lee Jung Ha's smile can lighten up any room. It is so bright and sweet and very heartwarming. He is an adorable and talented actor.

5. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk has the most iconic smile. He has the sweetest, prettiest smile that compliments his good looks. We adore him a lot; he is the best. His broad, beautiful grin is like a warm hug for the soul, putting you at ease right away. His charisma is contagious and leaves us blushing.

6. Hwang Min Hyun

Hwang Min Hyun’s smile feels like rain after a drought. It makes us feel rejuvenated, and we cannot help but blush at his sweet, innocent smile. His smile can soothe troubled souls and make us forget our worries. He is so charismatic and pretty that you cannot take your eyes off of him. He is the best idol and actor with the sweetest smile.

7. Kang Tae Oh

Kang Tae Oh shakes up our hearts with his sweet smile. It is so optimistic and pretty, we cannot help but fall in love with him. Kang Tae Oh's charming smile has the power to soften even the hardest hearts. With his role as the male lead in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, he won the hearts of both the audience and the characters and left a lasting impression on them.

8. Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik dazzled us all with his sweet smiles. He also has the prettiest eye smile. We love this adorable man. His lovely and flirtatious smile, as seen in dramas like The Heirs and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, adds irresistible charm to his characters, leaving viewers in awe. He makes us swoon just with his sweet smile.

9. Cha Eun Woo

Eun Woo is a natural beauty and his smile is so carefree and sweet, it feels like home. No wonder he is everybody’s celebrity crush. His eyes crinkle when he smiles, and makes him look even more sweeter. He just warms our hearts with that adorable grin.

10. Wi Ha Joon

The Squid Game star has the sweetest smile ever. He just shines when he smiles and we cannot help but fall harder for him. Even in evil roles, Wi Ha Joon's smile has an enigmatic element that gives dimension to his performances. His adorable grin remains endearing regardless of the character he plays, which is a credit to his talent and charisma. His sweet smiles make him the perfect romantic male lead too.