Article: Top 10 K-Dramas In Which Red Velvet’s Joy Has Appeared

Kpop idols are multi-talented. An idol is trained in many skills such as rapping, dancing, vocal skills, stage presence, and many more. Besides all the skills that are expected of a K-pop idol, many of them possess other skills such as acting. Over the years many singers have made their foray into the acting and reality series industry. IU, Ok Taecyeon, and Cha Eun Woo are some of the singers who have successful acting careers as well. Park Soo Young, better known by her stage name Joy, part of the girl group Red Velvet, is one such name on the list. After making waves in her singing career, she has dabbled in the acting sphere and has carved quite a name for herself. If you’re a Joy fan, check out these dramas in which she has appeared!

1. Once Upon A Small Town

First on this list is the fluffy small-town romance drama released in 2023. The drama tells the story of a big-town veterinarian who comes to his hometown to manage his grandfather’s veterinary clinic. In the sleepy countryside, he meets a local police officer with a friendly secret. Joy plays the role of the police officer, named Ahn Ja Young. This drama is a refreshing blend of slice-of-life and comedy-drama, which is refreshing to watch. The chemistry between Joy and Choo Young Woo (who plays the city vet Han Ji) adds the right amount of romantic touch to the drama.

2. Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants of the Sun is a cult-classic and fan-favorite drama. The chemistry between the leads Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo was fantastic and electrifying, and the drama had one of the best second-lead romances as well. While Joy wasn’t part of the main cast, neither was she a side character, she appeared with her group Red Velvet in a cameo appearance. In the final episode of the series, the girl group put on a special performance for the South Korean troops, which was followed by a quite funny and angsty scene between the two couples of the show.

3. The Liar And His Lover

In this romantic comedy, a producer with a broken heart and a skilled and hopeful music composer develops a romantic connection. Kang Han Gyul, a former member of the famous band Crude Play, now works as a producer under the pseudonym “K” after losing his on-stage confidence. He meets Yoon So Rim, a gifted high school student who hopes to make a career in music, and they fall in love. The drama chronicles their love story as it progresses and secrets about Hyun Woo’s past are revealed. The series stars Lee Hyun Woo as Kang and Joy as Yoon So Rim.

4. Tempted

Tempted is the Korean adaptation of the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses penned by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. Also known by its alternative name The Great Seducer, the drama revolves around the twisted game of love and lies woven by three rich childhood friends. At the center of this is college student Eun Tae Hi (played by Joy). She gets targeted by chaebol heir Kwon Si Hyeon, who wants to woo Tae Hi and then break her heart as a way to prove his loyalty to his friend. As the sham relationship between Tae Hi and Si Hyeon becomes increasingly real, the two must brace themselves when the lies Si Hyeon tells are revealed.

5. Handsome Tigers

Handsome Tigers is a reality television basketball series. The series has various famous actors as its participants like Cha Eun Woo, Lee Tae Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, and many more. In this variety show, legendary basketball player Seo Jang Hoon is tasked with shaping the celeb contestants into competent basketball players in an effort to revitalize South Korea’s Basketball industry. In the episode telecasted on February 9, 2020, Joy joined as an assistant and manager of the team. She aided in warmup through her girl group’s choreography. The drama is quite fun to watch, and the playful banter between Joy and the team members is delightful. You might get much celeb gossip from watching the show too, just saying.

6. The Boy Next Door

Adapted from the webtoon titled Handsome Man by Bae Chul Wan, The Boy Next Door is a comedy-drama that encompasses the hilarious circumstances revolving around two neighbors. Polar opposites college students Park Kyu Tae from Sung Gi Tae, who dislike each other the slightest bit, happen to be neighbors. A small incident makes them move in together and hilariously chaotic events occur when the two are mistaken as a gay couple. The Boy Next Door is a short and fun drama consisting of episodes with around 10 minutes of runtime. Joy made a short cameo in the series’ 7th episode.

7. The One And Only

Ahn Eun Jin stars as the lead in this melodrama. All Pyo In Sook (played by Eun Jin) has known since her childhood is suffering. Now an adult, she works at a public bathhouse and keeps her feelings behind a wall. A chance meeting leads to her making acquaintances with social media influencer Seong Mi Do (played by Joy) and housewife Kang Se-yeon (played by Kang Ye Won). The three women with vastly different backgrounds team up to exact revenge on a person but get embroiled in a murder case.

8. Pajama Friends

Joy was part of the variety show Pajama Friends, which aired on Lifetime channel in 2018, as a host. The reality T.V. series focuses on four women from different walks of life, actress and model Song Ji Hyo, Singer Joy, model and television personality Jang Yoon Ju, and singer-dancer Cheng Xiao. The women, who serve as the hosts of the series, indulge in 2-day-and-1-night vacations in various high-end hotels in South Korea. Pajama Friends is a fresh and fun reality series that shows the joy of female friendship.

9. Get It Beauty (2019)

Get It Beauty is a reality television series that hosts a variety of celebrities and makeup artists who talk about their preferred beauty products and reveal their makeup tricks. The hosts and participants also divulge much personal info about their lifestyle, food habits, and fitness routines. Get It Beauty has a pretty longstanding runtime and has been continuously running for over 18 seasons. Joy was one of the main hosts of the series in its 2019 edition.

10. Two Yoo Project Sugar Man

This is another such variety slash reality show in which Joy has appeared. Two Yoo Project Sugar Man is a music-based program in which two hosts bring forth a singer who has since disappeared from the public eye, and try to recreate old songs in order to revive their popularity. Joy was one of the hosts of the show during its second season, alongside Park Na Rae.