Article: Top 10 Idols Born In The Year Of The Rabbit

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year of rabbit falls in 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, and 2023, the upcoming year. People born in the year of rabbits tend to have calm, quick-minded, and witty personalities. The rabbits are the luckiest in the Chinese Zodiac belief since they possess rabbit-like skills. Some rabbit skills are doing the best in everything, having high intelligence, and tend to be sensitive to the environment. Although these horoscopes may be a general opinion, each person has their own unique and charming point, which makes them famous. This article lists the top ten idols born in 1999, the year of the rabbit.

1. Dino

Dino or Lee Chan is the youngest member of Seventeen. He was born on February 11. Dino is nicknamed "Maknae of Job" by his fellow members because he often takes care of himself rather than depending upon his elders. In a variety show where the members of Seventeen take a personality test, it was that Dino is revealed to have a kind and caring personality and acts very mature.

2. Yeri 

Red Velvet's youngest member, Yeri, is a singer and a rapper. Yeri was born on March 5. Yeri has a cheerful and bright personality and likes to be cared for by her elder members. She is a very amiable person and often befriends people wherever she goes. She made her debut in Red Velvet when she was fifteen. Her members say that she has matured a lot over the years.

3. Gyehyeon

Gyehyeon of VERIVERY was born on May 14. He made his debut as a lead vocalist of VERIVERY under JellyFish Entertainment in 2019. Gyehyeon's MBTI personality type is INFP. He has a calm personality. He has sung OSTs for the drama "Extraordinary You" along with his co-members Yeonho and Minchan. He is left-handed and has an older brother. Gyehyeon took his training for more than one year.

4. Tzuyu

TWICE's youngest member, a Taiwanese, Tzuyu, was born on June 14. She is one of the leading dancers and visuals in her group. Tzuyu is a quiet person with an MBTI personality type as ISTJ. She seems emotionless or distant from the members, but Tzuyu has a sweet nature. She opens up and gets close when she gets comfortable around them. Her fans not only like Tzuyu for her stunning beauty but also for her personality.

5. Arin

Arin is the dance leader and sub-vocalist of OH MY GIRL, a girl group under WM Entertainment. Born on June 18, Arin made her debut in 2018 as the youngest in her group. Arin is known for her charms and grace and is called "Princess Arin" by her fans. Arin's MBTI type is ISFJ. Being the youngest of her group, she often gets shy in public and talks less.

6. San

San is one of the five 99-liners in his group ATEEZ. He was born on July 10. San is a person with many talents and a very imaginative person, as described by his members. He has a nickname of "Happy Virus" as he is often the mood maker of his group. His MBTI type is INFP. He and his fellow member HongJoong, share the same MBTI.

7. Mark

The rapper and multi-talented member of NCT, Mark Lee, is a remarkable 99-liner. He is a member of almost all sub-units of NCT and the leader of NCT Dream. He is the maknae of the group SUPERM, a group formed under SM Entertainment containing the members of NCT, EXO, and Shinee. Mark was born on August 2in Canada. He moved to Korea in 2013. Mark is a socially outward person with MBTI type ESFJ.

8. Changbin

Born on August 11, Changbin is one of the prominent rappers in the industry. He is a songwriter, producer, rapper, lead visual, and dancer in his group STRAY KIDS. He plays a primary role in the team's sub-unit 3RACHA. Changbin is a kind person and the only 99-liner in his group. His MBTI is ESFP. He is good friends with TxT's Yeonjun, ATEEZ's Wooyoung, and Seventeen's Dino.

9. Yeonjun

Yeonjun is the eldest member, a rapper, and an excellent dancer of Tomorrow by Together, a five-member boyband under BigHit Entertainment. Yeonjun attended his elementary school in America. He is extroverted and has a charismatic personality, and is good at speaking English. Yeonjun's birthday is on September 13. He is the only member from the 90s, while all his members are from 2000 and above.

10. Mashiro

Mashiro of the girl group Kep1er is a 99-liner. She was born on December 16. Mashiro is a Japanese member who excels at dancing. Another of her remarkable skills is cooking. Mashiro's MBTI is INFP, and she has acrophobia. Her members describe her as a person who is full of kindness and respects her values.